Levine Campaign Releases Second TV Ad


    ALEXANDRIA – The Mark Levine for Congress campaign announced today that it will begin airing a second television advertisement starting Thursday. The ad “Constitution” http://bit.ly/1mw0ZBs will be airing in rotation with the campaign’s first ad “Sea of Politicians” http://bit.ly/SinFf7. The new ad, which can be seen here, features Levine talking directly to the viewer about using the Constitution to fight against Tea Party extremists.

    The Levine for Congress campaign decided to expand their television ad campaign in response to growing momentum.  

    Internal Polling shows other campaigns stagnant as undecided voters continue to move towards Levine:

    -Beyer’s numbers have stagnated since he joined the race in spite of spending over half a million dollars.  More than twice as many voters prefer an alternative candidate or are undecided.

    -Levine’s initial TV buy has seen his numbers vault him to second place as Ebbin, Hope, and Euille remain deadlocked in the high single digits.

    -With more than 30% of likely voters still undecided, the race for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District remains wide open.  


    -Mark Levine received the #1 rating by Blue Virginia, the only media outlet providing daily coverage of the primary campaign. Levine was rated a solid Grade A and was the only candidate to consistently get an A grade in every single debate held thus far.

    -Mark Levine’s telephone town hall last night had extraordinary participation, with more than 8,000 households on the call.

    With this newfound momentum, the Levine campaign has seen its number of active volunteers double, including paid campaign staff and volunteers from the Bruce Shuttleworth campaign.

    -The final debate is Friday at 7 pm in Arlington.

    -Mark Levine invites everyone in the district to meet him for a barbecue at his house at 5 pm on Saturday, May 31. Details may be found at LevineForCongress.com.

    Full text of the new ad:

    My name’s Mark Levine and I’m running for Congress and I approve this message because I have a secret weapon I keep in my pocket to use to ward off Tea Party Republicans.

    It’s called the Constitution. They think they own it, but they haven’t read it.

    It begins with “We the People” and the word corporation isn’t found anywhere in it.

    So if you have a renegade Supreme Court trying to choose your president or trying to put all that big money back into politics, I say pull out your Constitution.

    Don’t leave home without it.


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