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Democratic Senators Condemn Speaker Howell for his Actions


From the DPVA:

RICHMOND — Democratic Senators are condemning Speaker Howell for breaching security of Governor McAuliffe’s office to undermine the budgeting process and one is calling for the Speaker to apologize for his action–which the Richmond Times Dispatch editorialized was “small, petty, sullen, mean, insulting and about several hundred other pejoratives.”

By spending the better part of the legislative session ignoring bipartisan compromises that could have ended the health care crisis in Virginia, the Speaker and House Republicans put their own party ideology above the people of Virginia, and have continued to depart from the Virginia Way.

Here are statements from members of the Senate condemning Howell’s actions:

Senator Jennifer Wexton:

“Over the weekend, Speaker Howell encouraged a breach of security, urging House Clerk’s staff to enter the governor’s secure offices without permission – and brushing aside the law for a partisan, political goal. Worse yet, the Speaker sees nothing wrong with his actions. This behavior is not the Virginia way — it’s dishonorable, and it falls far short of the standards that voters expect. Speaker Howell needs to apologize.”

Senator Donald McEachin:

“Speaker Howell’s clear breach of the security of the governor’s office does not represent the Virginia Way. Furthermore, House Republicans’ actions over the past few weeks show that they don’t subscribe to the Virginia way of compromise and common-sense solutions, either. Instead, they have turned to ethically-challenged arm-twisting, backroom whispers and blatant acts of disregard to continue denying health care to the Virginians who desperately need it.”


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