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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, June 27.

*Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With European Union

*Supreme Court Rebukes Obama on Right of Appointment

*Senators remember ‘towering’ Howard Baker

*Bill Clinton slams Dick Cheney for “unseemly” criticism of President Obama

*Iraq Fractures, but New States Aren’t Seen as Cure to Conflict

*Tim Kaine: Nancy Pelosi wrong on White House powers (I’m not sure about this one, but I tend to think that Pelosi’s right.)

*Abortion Rights Lose a Buffer (“Threats faced in trying to exercise a constitutional right were ignored.”)

*A Blow to Presidential Appointments (“The ruling denies partisan realities of Congress.”)

*E-mails: Puckett job was created before Senate resignation (“State Del. Terry G. Kilgore appears to have ordered the creation of a job for former state senator Phillip Puckett.” Quid, meet quo!)

*Ed Gillespie Made $3 Million Advising Big Oil and Gas Lobbyists, Other Corporate Clients (Gillespie works for the bad guys, what a shocker.)

*Gillespie’s energy plan focuses on oil and gas (And here’s the bad guys’ payoff!)

*Libertarian Sarvis to challenge Warner for Senate seat (Unless he gets some serious money – where are the Koch brothers when you need him, eh Robert? – or a major grassroots movement behind him, his candidacy’s going nowhere.)

*EPA: Virginia ‘on course’ for bay cleanup, but must ramp up runoff reduction

*Colgan retiring in the Senate (Now, we need to make sure we hold that seat.)

*Rerouting of Coalfields Expressway triggers new study

*Sterling’s indestructible Eugene Delgaudio wins again (OK, Loudoun Democrats, it’s up to you now!)

*U.S. falls, but still the nation rejoices (The nation, that is, except for right wingnuts like Ann Coulter and random Faux “News” panelists, who think that soccer is a plot to help Obama, or a sign of our nation’s moral decay, or…I’m not making this up, I’m really not; can’t wait for EW Jackson and Ken Cuccinelli to weigh in! LOL)

*College World Series: Virginia falls short against Vanderbilt in Game 3 of final series

*Nats get lost in the fog

*Heat, humidity building momentum


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