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Special Election Date for Virginia 48th, 90th HoD Vacancies Set for 8/19; Caucuses This Weekend


I’m sorry, but this is no way to run a democracy.

Voters, including some in Hampton Roads, will choose replacements for legislators leaving the Virginia House of Delegates on Aug. 19, Speaker of the House William Howell announced Monday.


The candidate filing deadline in these races is July 7 at 5 p.m., according to the speaker’s office.

That’s right, this decision by Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell – the same guy who recently ordered that security break into Gov. McAuliffe’s offices, and who also recently wouldn’t allow the House to vote at all on crucial vetoes by Gov. McAuliffe – means that Democrats will be forced to choose their nominees for the 48th (Bob Brink’s former seat) and 90th (Algie Howell’s former seat) House of Delegates districts by next Monday – 7 days from today! That means, most likely, we’re talking about caucuses and/or “firehouse primaries” this coming weekend, leaving basically no time for voters to get to know the candidates, to hold forums/debates, etc. Also, this will be fourth of July weekend, making it even more absurd. Is this Bill “ALEC” Howell’s way of giving Democrats his middle finger? Sure seems like it. Just utterly pathetic. (UPDATE: Pissed off about Howell screwing with our democracy? Sign the petition here and demand: “Speaker Howell, stop the games. Give the people of Virginia time to make educated, democratic decisions about the people who represent them”).

P.S. So far, in the 48th district, Rip Sullivan has announced and is up with a website; Paul Holland has said he’s running, but I’m not aware of a formal announcement or website yet;  David Boling has a Facebook page; others are rumored, including Andrew Schneider, Peter Fallon, Atima Amara, Steve Baker…


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