Video: President Obama Announces Release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl


    Obviously, in an ideal/fantasy world – for instance, the kind that right wingnuts live in – it would be great if we could give up nothing whatsoever in order to get our hostages back. Now, back to the messy-but-real world where even Ronald Reagan the Great and Wondrous traded arms for hostages (without notifying Congress, I might add; also illegally sending funds to the Nicaraguan Contras as part of the deal); where Israel routinely trades hundreds of people, including those with Israeli blood on their hands, for their hostages; etc., etc. So, sure, it would have been great if we could have gotten Bowe Bergdahl back for nothing, but of course that ignores the fact that the nasty scumbags who took him are…yeah, nasty scumbags. Why would nasty scumbags trade a valuable hostage for nothing in return? Perhaps the right wingnuts criticizing Obama (shocker there, huh? you know they’d criticize him if he cured cancer for not doing so sooner, or not curing all other diseases, or not informing them in advance, or spending too much money to do so, blah blah blah) for giving up too much for Bergdahl would like to explain to his family that, sorry, but he’ll just have to rot in Taliban captivity for the rest of his life because Republicans (other than Ronald Reagan and many others) never would make such a deal. Riiiiight.

    P.S. I really really really hope Republicans try to impeach President Obama over this, or otherwise try to make it a big issue, just to remind Americans (as if their warped obsession with Benghazeeeee!!!! conspiracy theories weren’t enough) how vindictive, nasty, hyper-political, and downright crazy they are prior to the mid-term elections. C’mon, GOP dudes, do it! 😉


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