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Ed Gillespie on the Minimum Wage: Out of Touch with Virginia


From Mark Warner for Senate:


Huffington Post: “Ed Gillespie downplayed the difficulties of living on the minimum wage” 
Blue Virginia: “Absolutely. Clueless.” 
NBC 12: “Gillespie's memory is not exactly correct.”
Please see below for coverage of Ed Gillespie's recent statement on the minimum wage. As first reported by NBC 12 Richmond, Gillespie stated that he does not “support a federally mandated minimum wage” and compared a minimum wage job to “where you learn to get to work on time….It's where you learn the social aspects of work…where you play on a softball team or go out for a beer after work.” This isn't the first time Ed Gillespie has made his opposition known regarding raising the federal minimum wage, yet his offensive and out of touch comments insult the many Virginians who work long hours and hold second jobs just to make ends meet.
Ed Gillespie Makes Insensitive Claims About Minimum Wage Job Holders
“The former Republican National Committee chairman, who said he didn't support the federal minimum wage, said that most minimum wage workers aren't heads of households.” [Huffington Post, 07/09/2014]
Ed Gillespie Downplays Struggle Of Living On a Minimum Wage Salary
“In fact, the vast majority of workers who would benefit from a minimum wage hike are adults who work to pay rent, cover hospital bills, and feed families….By leaving minimum wage policy entirely up to states and localities, as Gillespie proposes, states would have an incentive to race to the bottom to attract companies eager to take advantage of the cheapest possible labor.” [Think Progress, 07/09/2014]
A Majority of Virginians Disagree with Gillespie's Minimum Wage Stance
“Many minimum wage workers are doing anything but going out for a beer after work. Some are single mothers. Many work at fast food restaurants or as janitors, career fields that hold odd hours that don't tend to allow much time for softball….A Quinnipiac Poll determined that 66% of Virginians support some form of a hike in the state's minimum wage.” [NBC 12, 07/08/2014]
Gillespie is Out of Touch with Hard Working Virginians

“Most people earning a minimum wage don't have enough time or money to be playing in softball leagues and going out for beers after work. Instead, they're too busy trying to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and health care coverage.” [Blue Virginia, 07/09/2014] 


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