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Video: Dave Foster Agrees that Police Chiefs are “Gun Grabbers,” Shouldn’t Be Listened To?!?


Does 48th House of Delegates district Republican nominee Dave Foster really believe that police chiefs are “gun grabbers” who shouldn’t be listened to? Check out this video of Foster speaking to the Virginia Citizens Defense League (click here for video of Foster talking about how their concerns are his concerns), a gun group more extreme (if that’s possible) than the NRA. Here’s a transcript of the relevant part, beginning at 5:00.

Audience question: You mentioned taking the advice and counsel…of the law enforcement community, but historically what has happened relative to 2nd Amendment rights is that the upper echelon of police chiefs and sheriffs’ association are quite frankly…political forces and therefore are on the other side of the table as most of the folks in this room…If you talk to associations of police chiefs and those kinds of folks, they historically are gun grabbers for lack of a better term…the police chief of Washington DC…would snatch every gun she can get her hands on …So as the Attorney General, those are the folks you’re going to be rubbing elbows with, and if you take too much credence in the advice and counsel you get from those kinds of folks, quite frankly you’re working on bad advice...I would suggest that you might want to talk to folks more on the line of the guys in this room than the police chiefs.

Foster (who nods his head in agreement throughout most of the question): You make an excellent point, you really do, and DC is a perfect example of it, that handgun ban…

Foster says something about trigger locks – another commonsense gun safety measure – but I couldn’t really understand what he was saying (other than that there was no protest from the VCDL crowd, so I presume they agreed with him). Anyway, the bottom line is that every time Foster is pressed to reveal his true beliefs, it turns out that they are far from the views held in the 48th House of Delegates district. For instance, I doubt you’d find more than a tiny percentage of 48th district residents who would join Foster in his bashing and denigration of police chiefs, or agree with him that when it comes to gun policy, we want our leaders to listen to pro-gun absolutist groups like VCDL rather than said police chiefs.  


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