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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, July 27. Also see the video of State Senator George Barker welcoming Mayor Adam O’Neal, the “walking mayor,” from North Carolina to Woodbridge, Virginia. Sen. Barker thanks Mayor O’Neal for his walk and for “inspiring us,” says “we’re with you” and that Virginia shares many of the same issues and problems (e.g., with rural hospitals under tremendous financial pressure, being forced to close in Lee County, etc.) as North Carolina. Sen. Barker notes that only 2 legislators in the entire General Assembly out of 140 who represent largely rural areas and who supported closing the coverage gap, and only 1 is a Republican. “They are hurting their own constituents.” Sen. Barker notes that his isn’t just happening in rural areas, but that people are dying because of lack of health care in urban/suburban areas as well. Bottom line: we need to expand Medicaid ASAP.

*Israel Resumes Gaza Offensive After Hamas Rocket Attacks (Note: AFTER Hamas rocket attacks.)

*Federal judge overturns D.C. ban on carrying handguns (Another conservative activist judge…)

*Charlie Crist: “I’m not a scientist either but I can use my brain and I can talk to one” (Great line. Apparently, many Republicans can’t use their brain or talk to a scientist.)

*Repeal Prohibition, Again (“It is past time to end the ban on marijuana. The case for legalization: the first part in a series.”)

*Rand Paul Is Also A Minority And Will Lead His Libertarian People Out of Bondage (Hahahahaha. Also, just a handful of people came to hear his ridiculous speech. #FAIL all around, as usual with this loser/wacko.)

*Getting Back Virginia’s Good Name, Reputation (“What Virginians deserve is the absolute assurance their elected officials are as clean as Caesar’s wife. That means, in our view, strict bans on all gifts – tangible or not. Period. No free or subsidized trips to seminars. No free meals on lobbyists’ tabs. No little trips to that swanky golf course, paid for by corporations with business before the state. Nothing.”)

*Schapiro: McDonnell legacy damaged before Giftgate (“Whether it was transportation, privatization, education or ethics – an issue he addressed literally days before his indictment – McDonnell took steps that, he believed, would change the course of government. Instead, McDonnell’s program has been stepped on. Make that: trampled – and by supposed friends.”)

*Expect drama at the McDonnells’ corruption trial: ‘It’s going to be ugly’ (“Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton could even get a mention in the trial of the ex-governor and his wife.”)

*McDonnell trial tells Va. politicians that the feds are watching

*Trial comes down to Bob McDonnell’s conduct (“Former Gov. Bob McDonnell will have to answer for his own conduct, not his wife’s, when their trial on corruption charges begins Monday in federal court in Richmond.”)

*Mark Warner on offense in Virginia Senate debate  

*Statewide district a failed experiment

*Big transportation tasks for the area, post-Silver Line

*Photos: The Silver Line Opens

*‘Welcome aboard the Silver Line!’ (“Fifty years in the planning, the most expensive transportation project in Washington history rolled down 11.7 miles of track Saturday as the new line debuted with its first load of passengers.”)

*Giles County sheriff sued for $3 million by fired deputy over animal welfare questions

*Bryce Harper makes two outs on base paths as Nationals lose to Reds, Johnny Cueto (I’m starting to think Harper might have been called up too soon from the minors, maybe should have been given another year or two…)

*D.C. may see severe weather today


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