AG Herring Files Brief for Grant of Cert at SCOTUS


    The Office of Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has filed its very convincing brief to the Supreme Court of the United States detailing why it feels that the SCOTUS should grant certiorari and rule finally on the merits of the right of same-sex couples to access civil marriage equally.

    See the full brief on Scribd.

    It is hard to see a more demonstrative example of the importance of elections than the qualify of this brief, when compared to the moronic chickenscratch that an AG Obenshain would have stapled to the wall.

    While I am disappointed that AG Herring also continues to ask for a stay of the 4th Circuit’s decision until final disposition of this case at SCOTUS (either a ruling on the merits, or denial of cert), the quality of the legal arguments entered on my behalf is superb. Every day these rulings from Judge Wright Allen and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals are delayed/enjoined costs me and my partner money in health insurance benefits and other more tangible marriage benefits (ably described in the brief).

    Still, the road to a final decision is nearing the final hurdle. Thanks to AG Herring and his team for being on the right side, and forcefully so.

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