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Extremist Mark “Voter Suppression” Obenshain Fundraises off My Calling Out His “unhinged ravings”


Hilarious –  Extremist Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain is now fundraising off of my calling out his “unhinged ravings” and “extreme” views with regard to suppressing our right to vote.  He must really be hurting for cash these days. LOL



Dear Brian —

My last email to you appears to have hit a nerve with Democratic Party operatives and consultants. I need your help in order to continue this fight.

Democrats are furious that I exposed their hypocrisy on voter ID standards, with one prominent Democratic consultant and commentator calling me a “right wingnut” and saying I’m “Craaaaaaazy” (that’s a lot of “a”s) for daring to point out that even the Democratic Party, when it runs its own elections, thinks that voter ID is a good idea.

Lowell Feld, who consulted for Mark Herring last year, took to his blog to say that I was engaging in “unhinged ravings” by pointing out that, if the law says that an ID must be valid, it is not within the power of an agency to decide otherwise. Oh, and apparently I’m “paranoid as well as extreme.”

Apparently along with the 75% of Virginians who think this is a common sense issue.

And they’re pulling out all the stops to attack me on this issue, because they’re afraid of what will happen if the public is made aware of their hypocrisy.

Will you help me fight back against these outrageous Democratic attacks? Your contribution of $50, $25, or even $10 will help me continue to expose Democratic hypocrisy and stand up against their dishonest attacks?

Your contribution will not only enable me to stand up to the Democrats, but to help elect conservatives across Virginia who share our common sense values.  Please give today!


Best regards,


Mark Obenshain



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