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Mark Herring and Rip Sullivan Photo Highlights How Wrong on the Issues Dave Foster Is


The following photo of Virginia AG Mark Herring and future 48th District Del. Rip Sullivan (courtesy of Del. Patrick Hope) got me to thinking about how both Herring and Sullivan strongly support a bunch of things that Republican Dave Foster either opposes or refuses to say: a) LGBT equality, including full marriage rights; b) climate science; c) clean energy; d) environmental protection; e) Medicaid expansion; f) a woman’s right to choose; g) commonsense gun safety measures like background checks; h) progressive (and certainly not REgressive) taxation; i) the importance of public transit; j) allowing DREAMers to receive in-state tuition; k) making it EASIER not harder for people to vote; l) opposing extremists like Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Obenshain; etc. Please feel free to add your own areas where Dave Foster fundamentally differs (and not in a good way) from Mark Herring and Rip Sullivan.


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