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“More Questions than Answers” for “Enron Ed” Gillespie on Slimy Campaign Finance Scheme


From the DPVA:


More Questions than Answers

A full 48 hours have passed since news broke that while Ed Gillespie was chairman of the Republican State Leadership Committee, the organization conducted an internal investigation into a “risky campaign finance scheme.” It appeared that the RSLC was involved in a plan to move hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Poarch Creek Indian Tribe through the RSLC to the Alabama Republican Party from January 2009 to March 2011.  Gillespie, who chaired the organization from January 2010 – January 2014 and received $654,000 in payments from the group, declined to answer reporter questions for the story. Two days later, Gillespie is still silent and has yet to tell Virginians what he knew about the scandal.

Here are the questions Ed Gillespie should answer to make clear to Virginians what he knew:

1) Was Ed Gillespie aware that, according to their own report, RSLC officials agreed to be a pass-through organization for Poarch Creek Indian tribe donations that were intended to fund the activities of the Alabama GOP?

2) If Ed Gillespie was aware, did he raise concerns about the legality of the RSLC's involvement or take steps to try to stop it?

3) Was Ed Gillespie aware of other schemes at the RSLC to funnel money in this way?

4) If Ed Gillespie says he did not know prior to the July 2011 press reports, how is it possible that the chair of the organization, being paid $200,000 in 2010 alone, could not know?

5) When Ed Gillespie was presented with the report from the internal investigation, what actions did he take to ensure that similar schemes were not conducted?  Did he put in place any new procedures, and if so what were they? Did Gillespie conduct an audit of fundraising operations in other states?

6) As the RSLC's lead fundraiser, did Ed Gillespie and Mike Hubbard talk during the time frame that they overlapped, and if so, did they ever speak about RSLC fundraising?

7) Why was Ed Gillespie announced as national chairman in 2010, but not legally listed until 2011?

8) Was Gillespie aware of the severance agreement for Barnes? Was he a part of the negotiation?  What were the terms? 

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