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Video: Frank Luntz STILL Won’t Admit He Should Have Disclosed His Lucrative Work for Eric Cantor


I guess it’s not surprising that someone with the low, low ethics of Frank “Contract ON America” Luntz wouldn’t understand the importance of disclosing $15,000 in consulting fees he received from his client, Eric Cantor, when he goes on the air to analyze the defeat of said client. But still, as even Fox News host Howard Kurtz noted, “I think you should have, because it just would have been leveling with the audience.” Gee, ya think? Also, as Media Matters points out, “CBS has had repeated disclosure issues with Luntz, whose work for Republican candidates frequently creates a conflict of interest in his on-air analysis.” So this isn’t the first time, and it almost certainly won’t be the last, with Frank Luntz – notorious for his Orwellian abuse/torture of the English language, such as pushing phrases like “death tax” (instead of estate tax) and “energy exploration” (intead of oil drilling), and for encouraging the Bush administration to “challenge the science” of global warming (which he recommended calling “climate change” because focus groups found it less threatening) – or with the Faux “News” propaganda network.


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