Rip Sullivan: “We don’t need Republican Dave Foster in Richmond”


    The mail piece (click to “embiggen”) just went out from the Rip Sullivan for Delegate campaign. Can’t be much clearer than that; Dave Foster absolutely does NOT share the values of the (vast) majority of 48th House of Delegates district voters.

    P.S. Also, see the press release below from the Sullivan campaign.

    Sullivan Draws Contrast with Foster on Choice in Mail Piece

    Today, Rip Sullivan’s third mail piece hit doors across the 48th District. The piece draws contrast between Sullivan’s position on a woman’s right to choose and Foster’s.

    The piece came amid Dave Foster’s continued effort to hide his positions on issues important to the 48th district, like a woman’s right to choose. Mr. Foster’s website lists only four issues and omits any mention of access to reproductive health services, same-sex marriage, the environment, or gun control reform.

    Foster ran for the Republican nomination for Attorney General with Ken Cuccinelli as an anti-choice candidate in 2009, but has avoided staking out a position in this race. However, an August 5th Washington Post story pointed out that Foster opposes full access to reproductive health services, and this claim went unchallenged by the Foster campaign.


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