Good Point, Bob Holsworth, I Accept Your Challenge


    (Note: Mike Casey is the founder and president of Tigercomm, a leading cleantech Public Relations firm based in Arlington. He is a veteran of Virginia politics – including the successful effort to turn the Virginia Senate in 2009, as well as designing and running the 2013 communications effort for Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action in the Virginia governor’s race. The views expressed here are his own.  Also, full disclosure: I am a consultant to Tigercomm. – promoted by lowkell)

    Former VCU political science professor Bob Holsworth was recently quoted in the Washington Post regarding “the increasingly narrow line Democrats in Virginia must walk to satisfy environmentalists and campaign donors without alienating business interests.”

    According to Holsworth, Gov. McAuliffe “has just made a calculation on this…[that it] isn’t a political liability until we see that these environmental groups are able to develop grass-roots traction to be able to successfully oppose this.”

    Good point, Bob Holsworth. I accept your challenge.


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