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Memo Explains Why “Foust Has Momentum Heading into Home Stretch”


From the John Foust for Congress campaign: 

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With seven weeks to go until Election Day, John Foust is entering the home stretch of this campaign with all the momentum on his side, while Barbara Comstock’s campaign is already losing its luster. The supposed golden girl of Virginia politics has failed to deliver, and is continually on the defense as Northern Virginians learn about her past as a professional partisan operative who has consistently pushed a right-wing agenda out-of-touch with the residents of the district —particularly women.

National Republicans are also venting their frustration that Comstock, supposedly one of their top candidates, has failed to deliver. Politico reported this month that “there is growing consternation” over Comstock’s campaign. In fact, Comstock has fallen short of expectations on every metric: her fundraising has been lackluster, she has failed to connect with women, she has made gaffes at public events, she has failed to disclose clients in “an apparent breach of congressional ethics rules” and she has failed to put her past as a partisan crusader behind her.

To recap, over the summer Barbara Comstock had to answer for:

•        Her past as a hyper-partisan operative and professional Clinton attacker; 

•        Her lobbying for right-wing groups like the Koch Brothers and her ties to the infamous Blackwater Security Consulting contractors;

•        Her secret meeting with Tea Party activists, to keep out the “unfriendlies;”

•        Her support for overturning Roe v. Wade, and her recent gaffe claiming Congress doesn’t deal with women’s healthcare issues;

•        Her vote to force women to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds and her vote for crippling restrictions on women’s health clinics;

•        Her failure to disclose at least $85,000 in work for the Romney-Ryan Campaign and the Republican National Committee, “an apparent breach of congressional ethics rules,” and her continued failure to file an updated report and fully disclose all of her clients.

Meanwhile, John Foust is connecting with Loudoun and Fairfax County voters: highlighting his record of working with Republicans and Democrats to get results in Fairfax County by putting forward commonsense solutions to challenges that actually matter, balancing seven budgets, cutting millions in wasteful spending, and using the savings he found to invest in education, transportation, and job growth.

The result: John is winning on everything within his control and is in a strong position to win on November 4th.

On the money:  John had a commanding cash advantage of nearly 2-to-1 at the end of the second quarter (the most recent filings available), and out-raised Comstock by nearly $100,000, raising $705,000 in the second quarter.

On the air: The importance of that cash advantage is made abundantly clear on the airwaves, where John is up on TV completely unanswered. John’s first ad highlights his record as a fiscal watchdog in Fairfax.

On the ground: Virginia Democrats proved in 2013 that with a robust field program, Democrats can turn out our coalition in an off-year at sufficient levels to win—and that is exactly what the Foust campaign is doing in 2014. We began our field program earlier than ever before—we now have 5 offices across the district and 28 field organizers, some of whom were on the ground as early as April. With seven and a half weeks to go, the Foust field program has already made more 150,000 volunteer recruitment calls, completed nearly 3,000 volunteer shifts and had 25,000 conversations with voters on the phone and at their doors. 

John Foust is winning in the press, winning on the ground, and winning on the air. With nearly 50 days left for Barbara Comstock to catch up, she is finding it harder and harder to hide her record of hyper-partisanship and rewarding special interests in Richmond. The choice Northern Virginia voters will face on November 4th is crystallizing, and we are confident people will stand with John. 


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