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What the Heck is “Virginia Mass Resistance?”


My god, where do these people come from and why are they always right wingers?

Ex-gay activist Linda Wall, who has launched a new Religious Right group called Virginia Mass Resistance, promoted her organization in a Saturday interview with “Mission America” host Linda Harvey.

Wall described to Harvey her own experience of being “seduced” into homosexuality, which she said all started with “a glass of wine and marijuana.”

“It was as if it was an instant addiction as to a drug,” she said.

By the way, I Googled this Linda Wall person, and one of the first articles that appeared was Linda Wall: The anti-gay activist who molested an underage girl (“A conservative crusader seeking office in Virginia admits that she had sex with a middle-school girl who was her student in the 1970s”). Why am I not surprised? As a friend of mine put it, “It’s always the most virulently anti-gay ones who have this in their background.”  


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