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Barbara Comstock Doubles Down on Offensive Insult to Immigrants


From the DPVA:

As if offending Virginians last month wasn't enough, Barbara Comstock has doubled down on her disparaging statements comparing immigrants to shipping cargo. In a recent Fairfax Times interview, Comstock repeats her dehumanizing line that “If FedEx can track every package, we can track who comes into this country.” 
While demographics in Virginia and the 10th District continue to shift to include more immigrants and New Americans, it's clear that tone-deaf Comstock has fallen far behind the times when it comes to basic human respect. Virginians deserve a Member of Congress who will approach the issue of comprehensive immigration reform with seriousness and decorum, not extremist insults.
“Virginians need a Member of Congress who respects all people, not ideologues hurtling careless insults to pander to the extreme right wing,” said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia. “Rather than apologize for her offensive remarks, she's continued to prioritize Tea Party radicals over her own constituents. This type of hurtful rhetoric is far below the standards we expect from our elected officials, and far short of what the 10th District deserves.”

Barbara Comstock Compared Immigrants to Fedex Packages. “Here’s the latest conservative idea on how to secure the southwestern border: track all people entering the U.S. the way FedEx stays on top of all its packages… ‘Fed-Ex can track packages coming in here all of the time, we can track people who are coming into the country and we can do that right,'’ she added.” [MSNBC, 9/25/14video]

Comstock Opposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In April 2014, appearing on “The John Fredericks Show” radio show, Comstock was asked about immigration reform: “Because I do not like omnibus bills, whether it’s Obamacare, or huge transportation bills that people don’t read. When you do that you always end up with, the conservative end often gets the short end of the stick in these huge omnibus bills. So I think we’re better off doing step by step, kind of going for the base hits, things like making sure we secure the borders first.” [John Fredericks Show, 4/11/14] 


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