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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, October 25. Also see President Obama’s weekly address, in which he “discusses the measures we are taking to respond to Ebola cases at home, while containing the epidemic at its source in West Africa.”

*The Republican Party’s electoral philosophy: Cheating wins (“The explosion and enforcement of restrictive voter ID laws make this one thing very clear”)

*5 New York Epidemics That Were Way Worse Than Ebola Will Be

*Sarah, Bristol & The Recurrence Of The Eternal Victim (“…their dead-ender defenders need to accept that if you’re a public figure, a recent candidate for national office, and you crash a party drunk and the fists start flying and the police have to show up to sort everything out, people may end up hovering over the details and getting a chuckle out of it. That’s life.”)

*NPR Guts Its Environment And Climate Reporting Team, Becomes ‘Part Of The Problem’ (My confidence in NPR just dropped several notches. WTF?!?)

*Polluters Push a Paragon of Misinformation, But Most Americans Want Climate Action

*Ebola Quarantines Seen as Barrier to Volunteers

*Comstock’s property taxes raise questions about a central campaign narrative (She’s lying, in other words.)

*The Post’s endorsements for Congress in Northern Virginia (Beyer and Connolly of course, but NOBODY in the 10th CD? Uhhhhh…)

*Virginia’s busiest elections office reportedly embroiled in infighting (“‘In a nutshell, it’s chaos,’ the liaison between unionized employees and Fairfax County officials said.” Greeeaaaat.)

*Remains found in Albemarle County positively identified as Hannah Graham’s (So sad.)

*Ex-legal client pleads guilty to trying to blackmail Va. Senate leader (“A former legal client pleaded guilty to trying to blackmail the senator over ’embarrassing e-mails and text messages.'”)

*Judging when it is OK to elect a legislator’s relative to the bench (“Wonder who Del. Lionell Spruill, D-Chesapeake, is thinking of with his proposed legislation to restrict the General Assembly from electing a judge if a candidate is a spouse, parent, child or sibling of a member of General Assembly?”)

*National Park Service considers Lewis and Clark legacy trail in Virginia

*Fairfax’s later start times for high schools may set a trend

*Little faith in Norfolk’s schools

*Blue skies, gentle breezes and plenty of sunshine in store for the weekend


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