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Photos, Quotes from Atif Qarni for State Senate Supporters

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Selonia M.
Transportation Specialist
(Chair Potomac Dems Magesterial District, PW County)
"I support Atif because he has a clear vision for the future that is inclusive."
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Stephanie T.
Behavioral Therapist in Woodbridge
(Young Dems, PW County)
"I support Atif Qarni because he understands the importance of education in our community!"
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Dave M.
PWCS Teacher
"I would absolutely love to see a fellow Prince William County teacher in our State Senate."
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Patricia Richie-Folks
Community Leader in Manassas City
(Active if Manassas Dems and 1st AME Church of Manassas)
"I support Atif Qarni because he is the right man for the job. He is a man with integrity, fought for our country and cares about what's right for the citizens of his district. Business, education and the creation of jobs and quality of life for all of our residents. He will listen to you and make this a better place for all to live and work here. Please support and vote for Atif Qarni."
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Beverly P. and Beverly R.
(The Beverlys of Manassas)
"We need more honesty and integrity in Richmond, that's why we support Atif."
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Daniel F.
PWCS Teacher
"Atif's experience as a teacher would be indispensable in shaping appropriate educational policy in the State Senate." 

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