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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning (Veterans Day 2014)


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, November 11. Thanks to everyone who serves, or has served, our country.

*Mitch McConnell’s mission: Degrade and destroy the Obama presidency (Yep, that’s always been the case.)

*Waiting for Republicans to Act on Immigration Is Pointless (Again, the bottom line is that the Senate passed a bill with nearly 70 votes, there were enough votes  in the House to pass it, but Boehner/Cantor et al. wouldn’t even allow a vote. So…long past time for executive action on this important issue!)

*Catherine Rampell: Voter suppression laws are already deciding elections

*America’s Historically Shameful Election Day Turnout (So pathetic.)

*The Supreme Court Might Gut Obamacare. Your State Could Save It. (“So if a state wants to save its residents’ health insurance, all it would need to do is set up its own exchange.”)

*Mike Bloomberg takes his money local (“‘You can keep hitting your head against a wall, or you can go elsewhere,’ Bloomberg said in a statement to POLITICO. ‘Change is really possible at the state and local level.'”)

*Falling oil prices provide lift for hulking SUVs (Falling oil prices are not, despite what the media and politicians always tell you, an unmitigated positive.)

*Virginia Continues to Lag Behind Neighbors in Clean Energy Jobs (Thanks Dominion…and Dominion-bought-and-paid-for state legislators!)

*3 Ways Ed Gillespie Used Digital to Give Mark Warner a Run For His Money (“Having Twitter surrogates tweet out the campaign’s message.”)

*Gillespie says he’s not interested in running for governor

*Legislature approves 13 judges but delays higher-court picks

*Divided JLARC panel delays decision on Medicaid study

*General Assembly approves budget fix despite conservative revolt

*Casey: Photo ID law is ‘voter fraud at its worst’ (“Virginia Whittaker, 93, has been voting in Virginia elections for 72 years. But last Tuesday, she couldn’t because she lacked a valid photo ID.” Outrageous.)

*Virginia Beach mayor must explain

*Group begins campaign to better protect the James River

*Va. legislature nixes plan to dip into road funds (“A plan to borrow $50 million from the highway fund put 2013 transportation overhaul at risk, critics said.”)

*Former Sen. Rick Santorum speaks at Liberty University’s convocation

*Democrat and two Republicans lining up to replace Comstock in Va. House of Delegates

*Web site ranks Arlington public schools 38th in the country

*UPDATE: Loudoun supervisors decide against raising their pay (What, crazed bigot Eugene Delgaudio doesn’t deserve more money for his fine work? LOL)

*Don’t forget the sunscreen. This Veterans Day will be sunny and mild.


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