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Top 25 Most-Read Blue Virginia Stories of 2014


Courtesy of Google Analytics, here are the top 25 most-read Blue Virginia stories of 2014. The only thing I’m a bit skeptical about on these statistics is that “live blogging” of election results always results in very high traffic, yet those posts didn’t make it into the top 25, according to Google Analytics. So, I’m not sure what to make of that, but c’est la vie I guess. By the way, all stories are by yours truly, unless otherwise indicated. Thanks to everyone who contributed diaries and/or comments (ok, no thanks to the trolls – lol) to Blue Virginia in 2014, and also thanks to all our readers. By the way, just a reminder that this blog takes time and money to keep up. If you’d like to support it (hint hint) you can do so by donating at this link. 🙂 Thanks.

1. Our Corrupt Supreme Court – Andy Schmookler (4/14/14)

2. VA Republican Senator Who Called Women a Child’s “Host” Now Pushing Denial of Evolution(3/5/14)

3. Meet the (Gay) Priest that Homophobic Hypocrite Bob McDonnell is Now Living With (8/24/14)

4. Governor-Elect McAuliffe Announces Administration Appointments (1/6/14)

5. Video: Progressive Democrats of America Debate for Virginia 8th CD Gets Fiery! (5/22/14)

6. Virginia Republicans Ram through Unconstitutional Redistricting Bill on Party-Line Vote (1/20/14)

7. Chatman for Congress Campaign Issues Statement on “Fraudulent Conveyance” Appeal She Lost in 2003 (3/18/14)

8. How Democrats Almost Blew a Crucial State Senate Race (1/10/14)

9. Exclusive BV Poll of the 8th CD Democratic Primary. Part 4: Patrick Hope’s HoD District (5/2/14)

10. Virginia Senate Votes to Repeal Mandatory Ultrasounds (2/11/14)

11. Special Election Date for Virginia 48th, 90th HoD Vacancies Set for 8/19; Caucuses This Weekend (6/30/14)

12. “Huge loss for Eric Cantor…his top lieutenant Linwood Cobb is toppled” (5/10/14)

13. Video: This Interview of UVA Associate Dean of Students Nicole Eramo is Deeply Disturbing (11/24/14)

14. BREAKING: Virginia Gov. McAuliffe to Expand Health Care Coverage in Face of GOP Demagoguery (6/20/14)

15. Arlington County Board Candidate Cord Thomas on His Voting Record, Ron Paul, Views on the Streetcar (1/2/14)

16. Video: Creigh Deeds on “60 Minutes” (1/26/14)

17. Benedict Puckett – Kindler (6/8/14)

18. 9 Ways the Fisette/Hynes Decision to Ditch the Streetcar Seriously Harmed Arlington (11/28/14)

19. Appalling Even by Ken Cuccinelli “Standards” (9/11/14)

20. Del. Bob Brink Resigning, Will Join McAuliffe Administration (6/27/14)

21. Straw Poll at 7th CD GOP Convention Shows Cantor Losing Badly to Dave Brat (5/12/14)

22. Could Cantor’s Tea Party Challenger be Good News for Democrats? – Eric Steigleider (1/8/14)

23. Grading the 48th House of Delegates Candidates’ Blue Virginia Questionnaires (6/4/14)

24. Applying My 8 Criteria to the 8th CD Candidates: Don Beyer (2/5/14)

25. Bruce Shuttleworth’s Final Poll Results of the 8th CD Democratic Primary Race (5/1-5/5) (5/28/14)


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