Jeb Bush, Terri Schiavo, and the Levers of Power of Governments


    Jeb Bush suffers from the same intellectual and character flaws and defects as his brother,  magnified by his adopted Catholicism. I think it safe to assume that if he gets the levers of power in his hands again, he will use them without a second  thought to impose his wants, desires, and beliefs on the rest of us, at gun point if necessary.

    He has already done so, as Governor. The past is prologue to the future, and gives us an excellent idea of how Jeb Bush will behave if he has the unlimited power of the presidency.

    Perhaps Jeb Bush imagines that everyone in America has forgotten the Terri Schiavo case. I have not. You can read Michael Schiavo’s version of this today in Politico- – not exactly a left-wing publication.

    The salient point is this: seared in my memory is the image of Pinellas County police sharpshooters stationed on the roof of the hospital were Terri Schiavo’s living corpse  was interned.  By this time, no matter what her Catholic parents believed, she was dead.  She wasn’t dying, she had died a long time ago. They were just waiting for the corpse to stop breathing.

    But to brother Bush, this was an opportunity to use the power of government to force his religious notions on the rest of us. Those sharpshooters weren’t there because the hospital feared demonstrators, although that in itself would have been enough reason.

    The were there because the sheriff feared that the Governor would use his own police force to seize the body. Bush had already signaled he would do just that.  He ordered the mobilization of officers from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement-in essence his own police force-and they were readied to seize Terri Schiavo if a court order allowed it. Or possibly even if not, on the theory that it would be easier to clean up afterwards than to do the right thing in the first place.

    Imagine what he would be capable of doing once he has NSA and CIA and God alone know how many paid contractors in his control.

    He’ll make his brother’s black bagging, rendition, and anal rape of prisoners look mild.

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