Saslaw: Power to the Power Company!


    Virginia Democrats’ Saslaw problem reared its ugly head again, as the alleged leader of Senate Democrats voted to exempt Dominion Virginia Power from financial audits through 2023.

    Listen to Dominion’s poodle ever-so-gently pretend to bite the hand that feeds him:

    Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) said doing nothing was not an option.

    “I will vote to move it along, but I would just say this has a long way to go. I’m somewhat concerned about not having this biennial review,” he said. And turning to Dominion officials in the hearing room, he said: “You might want to answer everything you heard here today from people who have a different perspective, on a point-by-point basis.”

    Yeah, take that — happy to exempt the books of a monopoly chartered as a public utility from public scrutiny — but you “might want to” actually respond to what other people say about you!  I’ll bet that hurt!  (But keep those donations coming, please…)

    Kudos to Attorney General Mark Herring, one of the few Democrats in the Commonwealth with the cojones to challenge Dominion’s power play.  Governor Terry McAuliffe, who has not taken a stand on the issue, needs to step up and follow Herring’s lead if he wants to be considered leader of the state.

    And it’s time for Democrats to stop allowing Saslaw to embarrass us, and finally replace him with a Senate leader who proudly upholds progressive values, and puts the people before the power companies.  

    • I know that progressive and environmental activists are looking right now for someone to primary this corrupt corporate puppet, so if you have any suggestions, now’s the time! 🙂

    • pontoon

      Than just Saslaw.  Dominion had to put so much work into this bill, they pressured folks on the Senate’s Labor and Commerce Committee to delay hearing Senator Hanger’s SB  1166 which requires utilities using eminent domain to fall under FOIA requirements, and SB 1338 which is the repeal of the Wagner Act or the legal trespass law, to Monday, Feb 9, instead of this coming Monday, Feb 2!

      Friends of the grassroots anti-pipeline groups were informed of the change late Friday afternoon, and were told Dominion was having too much trouble with its “freeze bill” to spend time stopping on SB1166 and 1338.  The Senate Labor and Commerce Committee agreed to delay hearing Hanger’s bills for Dominion even though they knew Friends of Nelson, Free Nelson, and the Sierra Club had meetings scheduled with legislators for Monday morning, and we’re planning to attend the hearing Monday afternoon.  So much for representing the interests of the people!

    • The Richmonder

      in a primary in the 7th CD, then Dick Saslaw can be beaten in a primary in Fairfax.

      That being said, it’s probably already too late to mount such a campaign this year.

    • MorrisMeyer


      In November-December of 2007 Hillary Clinton was projected to walk away with the state of Virginia.  Her headquarters was in Arlington, and the Clinton dynasty was real and backed by plenty of money and old-school Democratic activists.

      I was one of a few people who organized the very first gathering of activists in northern Virginia at Ken Longmeyer’s house in December of 2007.

      Two OFA staffers, fresh from early state contests were all the Obama campaign allotted to northern Virginia – one to Fairfax County and one to Arlington and Alexandria.  They dropped into the state less than 10 days before the election.

      I worked with Jim Southworth to get Internet, phones, printers and computers for both OFA offices, and then sensing the need took a week off to help run the OFA Fairfax office.

      Using nothing but donated materials and donated labor we canvassed over 120,000 folks and called between 200 and 300,000 voters prior to the election.   We had kids from NYC come down to make canvassing packets and between 60-100 folks calling nonstop in every nook and cranny of the office.  We didn’t get additional field help from the OFA campaign until Thursday and Friday before the election.

      The election was called 2 minutes after the polls closed and the result was 64-35 Obama-Clinton.  I later went on to help secure a Dayton mayor’s super delegate vote and run two counties in North Carolina in the 2008 primary.

      I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are plenty of well trained and campaign tested activists that are done with Senator Saslaw.  I can also tell you that environmentalists who are tired of seeing Virginia’a nascent clean energy economy strangled in lieu of Saslaw’s regressive relationship with Dominion are ready to help financially and organizationally.

      –morris meyer

      Fairfax County OFA office manager – February 2008

      Dayton, Ohio OFA staging location – March 2008

      North Carolina OFA field organizer – May 2008

      Fundraised to open Centreville, VA OFA office – June 2008

      Co-chair OFA Virginia Energy and Environment Committee – 2012

      Fairfax County OFA staging location – October-November 2012

      Coordinated campaign staging location – October-November 2014