Not Widening Roads Is Idiotic


    Traffic in Hampton Roads in HORRENDOUS?  Have you tried driving through there in a.m., or p.m., rush hour?  Highways should have been widened years ago.

    And lets talk about the impact of hundreds of thousands of cars stuck in traffic:

    Wasting gas

    Emitting tons of CO2

    Lost economic output

    I get your point about “induced demand” but frankly, money would be better spent getting people into electric and other types of vehicles that emit fewer emissions and get better gas mileage.  There will never be the political will for “induced demand” so we need to come up with other ways to cut emissions and keep traffic moving in order to cut CO2 emissions.

    Oh and by the way, how is that “induced demand” working out in NOVA?  I assume you do not own a car, correct?



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