Home National Politics President Obama Hits Highest Gallup Approval Rating (50%-45%) in Nearly Two Years

President Obama Hits Highest Gallup Approval Rating (50%-45%) in Nearly Two Years


Check it out! Also note that Obama’s increased approval ratings have come about since: a) Teapublicans took control of the US Congress and yet again demonstrated what a bunch of inocompetent loons they are; and b) Obama started standing up for progressive values and the environment, rather than continuing down the Warner-esque “both sides”/”radical centrist” dead end that has served him, our party, and our country so poorly for so long. Keep it up!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    After the last election when Democrats from purple states (that’s you, Mark Warner) thought it best to run as fast as possible away from President Obama and still lost (in Warner’s case, barely won), coupled with the fact that his election career is over, seems to have  freed President Obama to be far more progressive and more “presidential.” The result? People see the economy as finally getting out of neutral and they agree with many of the things the president has done since the election:

    1. Called for an increase in the minimum wage, which tends to raise other wages, as well.

    2. Directed federal agencies to stop seeking to deport law-abiding immigrants who have been here more than 5 years. Even small businesses, the main employers of these folks, agree with that action, but they won’t say it out loud because they usually vote Republican.

    3. Called for free community college tuition for all American students. That’s a bargain at $6 billion per year, considering the possible increase in skill level of Americans in the work force in the future.

    4. Proposed that most Alaska’s wild lands become protected wilderness areas.

    5. Changed our Cuban policy to one that just might work in changing that country for the better.

    Obama is setting up a fairly progressive agenda for Democrats to run on in 2016. Now, if we could only get him to subscribe to specific actions to promote more renewable energy and to accept some of Elizabeth Warren’s ideas to curtail the power of immense banks and Wall Street.