Home 2019 Elections Richmond Free Press Rips Joe Morrissey’s “nauseating,” “debauched conduct”

Richmond Free Press Rips Joe Morrissey’s “nauseating,” “debauched conduct”


A few key lines and phrases from the Richmond Free Press, the leading black-owned newspaper in Richmond, include the following (also see screen shots of the editorial below and on the “flip” of this post):

*”As sickening as the McDonnell affair has been for Viriginians, Delegate Morrissey’s debauched conduct has been even more nauseating.”

*”He has played everyone from the Governor on down…”

*”…if Joe Morrissey were a black man and the receptionist a white girl, he would be under the jail now, instead of on a three-month work release — aka the bed-and-breakfast plan…”

*”We expect him to act like an adult and to show restraint, despite the people who want to blame the victim.”

*”In a district where the majority of voters are African-American, have we been abused or ignored so long that we think Joe Morrissey’s brand of politics is in our best interest? Do we really believe that because he writes us congratulatory letters…or invites us to a barbecue or party in his backyard [that] he cares about our interests and is representing us well?”

Why would we want someone who bends the rules, takes advantage of our girls and young women and plays everyone for his own gain…”

*”Joe fights mostly for Joe”