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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, February 28. Also, see President Obama’s weekly address, in which he reiterates “his commitment to middle-class economics, and to ensuring that all hard-working Americans get the secure and dignified retirement they deserve.”

*Congress passes 1-week extension for DHS funding (“President Obama signed the measure just before the midnight deadline. It marked the end of a whirlwind day of negotiations and a stinging defeat for the House GOP”)

*The Fix: Congressional Republicans are their own worst enemies, by a lot (“The Boehner renegades — Steve King of Iowa, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, Dave Brat of Virginia among many others — identify closely with the tea party wing of the GOP which finds its congressional champion in the form of Sen. Ted Cruz.”)

*Putin critic, Russian opposition leader gunned down in the streets of Moscow (Dark, dark days as Russia descends into corruption and tyranny.)

*Emotionless, yet beloved: Nimoy and the lasting dignity of being Spock (Spock actually wasn’t “emotionless,” in part because he was half human, in part because being Vulcan was about containing/controlling emotion and relying on logic instead. You know, kinda like the Tea Party. Hahahahahahaha.)

*Rand Paul wows CPAC crowd as Jeb Bush faces mix of cheers, boos (What a freak show.)

*Jeb Bush, CPAC piñata (“Conservatives show him no mercy.”)

*A Partial Accounting of the Damage Netanyahu Is Doing to Israel (“The Israeli prime minister seems willing to undermine his country’s relations with the U.S. in order to save his career.”)

*Marco Rubio Tries To Lecture Obama On ISIS, Commits Epic Error (Iran? Iraq? Shia? Sunnis? Whatever! LOL)

*Democrats to the Rescue: Congress Averts Shutdown for One More Week (It’s pretty much always “Democrats to the Rescue,” while Republicans are busy being wildly irresponsible, extremist ideologues, etc.)

*Fourth suspect in ISIS probe is being held in Hampton Roads

*Commentary: Warner’s vote wasn’t pro-jobs for Virginians (“Why would an ostensibly pro-jobs senator from Virginia damage his political future by supporting mega-pollution legislation that is directly harming large numbers of his own constituents? Warner should change his vote on the Keystone XL pipeline to no.”)

*Deals on ethics rules, reporting of sexual assaults wrap up Va. session (The “ethics” bill is weak, will NOT clean up the culture of corruption in Virginia or reverse the “capture” of Virginia government by corporations.)

*Week’s End Wrap up: Another week passes into the twilight

*House, Senate back rules on reporting campus sexual assaults

*Our view: Blowing in the wind

*Fairfax schools push for more money in tough budget year for the county

*Geer case has Fairfax supervisors taking another look at attorney

*Dominion, citing lower fuel costs, asks regulators to reduce customer bills (If Dominion would push hard for energy efficiency, the cheapest form of energy by far, customer bills would fall a lot further!)

*Another storm possible tomorrow bringing a mix of rain and sleet


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