Will Dan Gecker Support Hillary Clinton For President?


    That is the question of the hour.  

    Gecker, a political independent elected to a seat on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, has announced he will leave his independent political status behind and seek the Democratic nomination for a state senate seat now held by Senator John Watkins in a seat composed of parts of the City of Richmond, Chesterfield County and Powhatan County.  

    Now we all know that Gecker represented Kathleen Willey when she accused former President Bill Clinton of harassment.  And we all know what a nut bag Willey has turned into, calling Hillary Clinton “the war on women.”  And if you haven’t seen how crazy Willey is, check her out taking aim at Hillary Clinton:



    Now it’s clear that Gecker has, in my opinion, a tawdry and slippery past with Willey, trying to peddle her story to the trashy tabloids and sell it for $300,000.00 to pay her debts (and that has some juicy tidbits that will be played out in a future diary).

    But if Gecker wins the nomination for this senate seat, and ultimately gets elected, will he support Hillary Clinton for President?  Democrats need to ask Gecker that question.

    I know Gecker and Willey are close friends and Willey will be speaking out against Hillary Clinton every chance she gets.  But will Gecker’s friendship with Willey keep him from supporting Hillary Clinton is she is the nominee?  Or will he announce his support for the GOP nominee for president in 2016?  Again, Dems need to hold Gecker accountable and get him on the record that he will support the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.  Do we all want to wake up in September of 2016 and read the headline:  Gecker Announces Support for Jeb Bush for President,” if he is elected?

    I don’t get Gecker’s support for this seat from the governor – the optics of Gecker running as the Democratic nominee for this senate seat starting in June after the primary, assuming he wins the nomination, while at the same time, Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic presidential, are just awful.  But perhaps our beloved state party chair, Dwight Jones, will finally appear on the scene, after being asleep at the wheel longer than that groundhog that woke up earlier this month,and rescue us all.    

    But from a pragmatic standpoint, Gecker is a horrible candidate for Democrats.  Yes, Warner and Herring both won this senate seat, but both wins were in a statewide race with higher turnout.  So you really have to view this seat as a lean Republican seat – Dems turnout in lower numbers, in legislative races, especially when you are running a conservative as the nominee.

    And speaking of conservative, where does Gecker stand on abortion and birth control?  How about the vaginal probe legislation that was passed several years ago?  How about voting rights – does he support the archaic voter ID laws passed by GOP legislatures who are openly hostile to minority voters casting ballots?  Does he support Dominion’s plans to build those pipelines across the state carrying natural gas, along with the fracking that pulls that natural gas out of the ground, polluting our groundwater?  

    And even though Gecker has won this portion of Chesterfield County as an independent for his board of supervisors seat, does anyone on this planet really think that GOP voters is some of these precincts Gecker represents like Midlothian and Salisbury, are going to turn our in droves and vote for Gecker, potentially tuning over control of the state senate to Democrats?  LOL! Of course they are not.  And that will be the mailer hitting the mailboxes of GOP voters throughout Chesterfield County – a vote for Gecker is a vote to turn over the sate senate to the liberal Democrats.

    Here are the results from these two precincts in Chesterfield in Herring’s race for AG in 2013:

    507 – SALISBURY


    DEM Party Mark R. Herring 711 31.66%

    REP Party Mark D. Obenshain 1,528 68.03%


    DEM Party Mark R. Herring

    487 30.90%

    REP Mark D. Obenshain  

    1086    68.91

    And these types of precincts will have above average turnout in a state senate race when compared to other precincts throughout the district.

    To win this eat, you will need above average turnout in the City of Richmond and Gecker can’t do that.  His views on issues are going to mirror those of his GOP constituents in Chesterfield County and turnout will suck in the city.

    But frankly, I am not even sure Gecker can win this primary.  If one of his potential primary opponents can tap into the base of white liberals throughout the city and in Chesterfield County, they could beat Gecker.  We’ll see this this plays out.

    Stay tuned!  



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