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“Tea Party Takes Control of Sully GOP”


(UPDATE: See results (Tea Partier John Guevara won; Brian Schoeneman finished third behind yet another Tea Partier) and press release from the Kathy Smith (D) campaign in the comments section.   – promoted by lowkell)

This is amusing on multiple levels, starting with the very concept that Ben Tribbett, a consultant to Fairfax County Board/Sully District Democratic candidate Kathy Smith, would be “with Brian Schoeneman,” one of three Republicans vying to run against, and hopefully lose to, Smith this fall. Of course, Schoeneman is the least right wingnut of the three candidates in this race, with the cardinal sin (in Teapublican eyes) of working for a union, but given how far right the Republican Party is these days, that’s not saying much. Still, on those grounds alone, one could argue that Schoeneman might be the toughest candidate against Smith in November. Or, one could argue that since this year will be a super-low-turnout, nearly-100% “base” election, that the key for Republicans will be to fire up their right-wing/Tea Party activists, and that Schoeneman would be the LEAST likely to do that. So…would Schoeneman be the strongest Republican candidate, the weakest, or something in between? Got me, but Ben’s having fun with it, and who can blame him? 🙂

Even more fun is watching right-wing bloggers fight over What It All Means. For instance, at leading right-wing Virginia blog “The Bull Elephant”, the top post right now asserts that since Ben Tribbett posted an “I’m with Brian” graphic on his Facebook page, Schoeneman must be the Republican candidate Kathy Smith and Sully Dems most want to face. “The Bull Elelphant” blogger Jeanine Martin even writes: “This is part of the group, ‘Democrats for Brian Schoeneman’. I hear their numbers are growing because so many of them identify with Brian…Ben’s telling them to vote for Brian because he considers Brian to be the easiest to beat.” Hahahaha.

Then there’s the comment thread on Ben’s Facebook post, which hilariously has Schoeneman implausibly claiming, “I haven’t talked to a single Democrat this primary. Not even Ben.” In response, Democratic nominee Kathy Smith writes, “Brian, it was nice to talk with you at my town hall in March.” Zing! And Ben adds, “Well, there goes ‘I haven’t talked to a single Democrat this primary.'” Former Fairfax Dems’ chair Rex Simmons then chimes in, “Why am I not surprised that [Schoeneman] lies?” Schoeneman then says he didn’t mean it “literally,” while Ben notes: “There are pictures of Brian talking to me at the Sully debate. Not sure why he says things that are so obviously untrue.” On and on it goes, when it stops…well, maybe tomorrow at 4 pm, when Schoeneman will either win (I’m personally hoping he does, just so this fun can continue another few months! LOL) or loses (in which case Ben can take up a new hobby? haha). Stay tuned, but meanwhile sit back and enjoy watching Ben masterfully mess with Republican minds. 🙂

  • According to Ben Tribbett, reporting from the scene, the Sully/Fairfax GOP results are: John Guevara 478, John Litzenberger 462, Brian Schoeneman 422.


    Total turnout smallest for any Fairfax Supervisor seat since Sully District created in 1991

    CHANTILLY:  Kathy Smith congratulated tea-party candidate John Guevara on his victory today to become the Republican nominee for Sully District Supervisor.  “Congratulations to John on winning the nomination today.  I look forward to a spirited campaign” Smith said.

    Smith reiterated her call for debates that she made when announcing in January.

    John Guevara becomes the first nominee of either party in Fairfax County to win a nomination with less than 500 votes in a contested nomination.


    John Guevara 478

    John Litzenberger 462

    Brian Schoeneman 422

    In contrast, Kathy Smith has received over 500 votes in a single precinct 22 times since she was elected to the School Board.

    842 Rocky Run Precinct (2007)

    818 Waples Mill Precinct (2011)

    777 Rocky Run Precinct (2011)

    756 Waples Mill Precinct (2007)

    711 Waples Mill Precinct (2003)

    707 Vale Precinct (2007)

    658 Vale Precinct (2003)

    647 Rocky Run Precinct (2003)

    612 Kinross Precinct (2007)

    587 Kinross Precinct (2003)

    581 Cub Run Precinct (2003)

    563 Brookfield Precinct (2007)

    560 Brookfield Precinct (2011)

    559 Cub Run Precinct (2011)

    547 Poplar Tree Precinct (2007)

    526 Deer Park Precinct (2007)

    522 Lees Corner West (2007)

    520 Green Trails Precinct (2007)

    508 Centreville Precinct (2007)

    504 Brookfield Precinct (2003)

    503 Stone Precinct (2007)

    500 Navy Precinct (2007)

  • From the Schoeneman for Supervisor website, it looks like endorsements by Barbara Comstock, Dave Albo, Pat Herrity, Steve Hunt, etc. didn’t exactly propel him to victory! #FAIL


    “Brian has served the community and Republican politics and I know Brian and his wife, KayAnn. We’ve worked together at the local level, when I served in the House of Delegates, on other local campaigns and throughout my Congressional campaign. He is exactly the kind of Republican who can win in Sully District, and I know he will be a common sense conservative voice on the Board of Supervisors.”

    – Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-10th District)

    “I’ve known Brian for a long time. He’s the kind of guy who you can ask a direct question to and get a straight, honest answer. He is a problem solver that can get things done for your neighborhood by working with others, but when he needs to fight, he will never back down.  He will never sit back and the let the Democrats raise your taxes, waste money on streetcars and bike lanes while our roads are crumbling, nor let our schools turn into places where everybody gets a trophy, and nobody goes to college. As a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, I need an ally at the local level, I’m looking forward to working with Brian on the issues that matter to you – building and maintaining our roads, quality schools, keeping your family safe from violent criminals and making government live within it’s means.”

    – Delegate Dave Albo (R-42nd District)

    “I am happy to see Brian has announced his candidacy for Sully District Supervisor, and I support him 100%. This district has been known for electing common sense and thoughtful candidates like Supervisor Frey and Congressman Frank Wolf. Brian is a perfect fit and based on my work with him over many years he understands what we as a county need to do to restore our reputation as the best county in the country.”

    – Supervisor Pat Herrity, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

    “Brian Schoeneman and I have been working together for years – both before I was elected to the School Board and after – and I know how deeply he cares about Fairfax County. Brian understands the issues, demonstrated integrity on the Electoral Board and has proven his ability to effectively lead. I believe Brian Schoeneman will serve Fairfax County residents with great stewardship and I am proud to endorse him for Sully District Supervisor.”

    – Elizabeth Schultz, Fairfax County School Board Member

    “I know Brian very well.  I fully support him in his campaign to be the next Sully District Supervisor.  We served together on the Fairfax County Electoral Board where we discussed issues, family and faith during the long hours overseeing elections.  I know that he has solid conservative beliefs and positions on the issues.  I watched him reorganize a dysfunctional government office and turn it into a much more efficient operation providing better services with the budget he had.  He oversaw the purchase of badly needed new election equipment, while bringing the project in on-time and saving the county millions over our original cost projections.  I am confident that he will focus the Fairfax County Government on the right priorities and will not accept the county government’s insatiable desire to grow for the sake of growth.  I know that he will be a Supervisor who we can trust to protect our rights and to ensure the county government does not stand in the way of business development.  He will be an excellent Supervisor.”

    – Steve Hunt, Fairfax County Electoral Board Chairman*, former State Senate candidate and former At-Large School Board Member

    “I have witnessed Brian’s work ethic first hand over the past several years. His knowledge of Fairfax County and his dedication to principled policy makes him not only the best candidate in the race, but our best chance of defeating the Democratic opponent in November. Brian is exactly the type of candidate to pull the party and district together to win this critical seat on the Board of Supervisors.”

    – Jay McConville, Former Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman

  • “The Republican nominee in Sully failed to even get to 500 votes districtwide today. That’s about 16 votes per precinct. In case you were wondering Kathy Smith has gotten over 500 votes (more than John got districtwide) in a single precinct 22 times since being elected in 2002.”

  • by Chris Beer of The Bull Elephant.  A few key points:

    *”Brian Schoeneman was trying to prove that if you have enough political connections, enough lobbyist money, and enough support among professional Republican bloggers you could move into a district you’ve never lived in and win a GOP nomination devoid of any practical community connections.  It almost worked.”

    *Schoeneman’s big problem: “he never actually lived in the district he was running for until five days before his announcement. FIVE DAYS after moving… There is no substitute for local connections and pure effort. Not even Pat Herrity or Barbara Comstock…Don’t run for office five days after moving into your district.  Take time to learn about where you live and let people meet you as something other than a politician first.

    *An important point: “Whether an arch-conservative senator like Dick Black or a moderate supervisor like John Cook, they all have one thing in common. They have spent their days working incredibly hard within their communities beyond politics. Republicans in Northern Virginia need to get away from just yelling at our television screens about how terrible Barack Obama is and instead get out into our communities.”

    *And the excellent concluding paragraph: “Brian is just another reminder of the rabbit hole Republicans have climbed down year after year locally when recruiting candidates.  Ambitious climbers uninterested in the work for actually becoming a real community leader and instead relying on political networking and money of others.  It must stop.  Republicans need to be a little less concerned with tea party versus establishment up here because, frankly, we aren’t winning enough to have the luxury of that argument. There is no substitute for the one and true way to win campaigns … hard work when nobody is looking and earning the trust of your neighbors and community. Brian tried to use money and outside influence to avoid having to do that.”