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National and Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 25. Also, see this week’s White House address, in which President Obama makes the case for “why new, high-standards trade agreements are important for our economy, our businesses, our workers, and our values.” I’m skeptical, but open to being shown exactly how the TPP protects workers, human rights, the environment, etc.

*Bill Nye: Climate change is “not something you should be debating or denying”

*Republicans are engaging in smog and mirrors on climate (“A revenue-neutral carbon tax is a reform Republicans should love. It could end irrational federal subsidies, lower the GOP’s most-hated taxes and harness market efficiency to provide some insurance for the planet at a minimal cost. Instead, the party’s would-be leaders appear to be looking for any way to avoid engaging seriously.”)

*Drone Strikes on Al Qaeda Are Said to Take Toll on Leadership in Pakistan

*Quake in Nepal Kills Hundreds and Destroys Buildings

*The trade-off Obama missed on trade (“Clinton, and Obama, should champion the trade bill – but only after congressional Republicans do what’s needed to protect low-wage American workers from the dislocation that will occur”)

*Obama’s Piecemeal Climate Policy Is Gradually Paying Off (“The next step will be attempting a bi-partisan economy-wide carbon cap-a feat that will probably fall to the next president.”)

*North America’s Oil And Gas Industry Has Taken Over 7 Million Acres Of Land Since 2000 (Another massive government subsidy for the utterly NON-“free market” oil and gas industry in this country.)

*Gov. McAuliffe Announces Members of ABC Review Panel

*Survey for Atlantic Coast Pipeline approved in part of national forest in West Virginia (Ugh.)

*Teresa Sullivan contract before UVa board

*Feds looked hard, found nothing on Virginia lawmaker Norment (Nothing illegal that is. They weren’t looking to see if Norment is unethical and/or “legally corrupt” in many other ways…)

*Norment sponsored bills pushed by Beach lobby firm (Speaking of which…)

*Va. delegates bash effort to aid transgender kids (Digusting.)

*Joe Morrissey says Rosalyn Dance opposed medicaid expansion (“Mostly false”)

*Donald Trump receives warm welcome in Chesterfield (“Donald Trump derided President Barack Obama as incompetent while playing up his own political prowess at a gathering of Chesterfield County Republicans on Friday” That says it all!)

*Costs rising on state campuses

*Slain Mary Washington student recalled as a ‘force of nature’ at vigil

*In the Geer case, Fairfax takes steps toward justice (“Let’s hope this is the case that disproves the axiom that justice delayed is justice denied.”)

*Marco Rubio wins Chesapeake GOP straw poll

*Our view: Meals tax is clarifying moment for Roanoke

*Looking for warm weather?

This may not be your weekend.


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