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Dobbyn Issues Conflict of Interest Challenge to Opponents in Mount Vernon District Supervisor Race


A hard-hiting press release, clearly aimed directly at Dominion Power employee and fellow Mt. Vernon District Supervisor candidate Tim Sargeant, from the Jack Dobbyn for Mt. Vernon District Supervisor campaign. This is getting interesting…

As a firm believer in Government transparency, I think that it is only right that the citizens of Mount Vernon know how diligent and honest their public servants are while serving them.  It is imperative that they chose someone as their next Supervisor who will work tirelessly and openly to capitalize upon our past successes, while building for the future.  We as citizens need a Supervisor that will be fully committed to the job and can invest the time to ensure our voices are heard. That’s why it is so vitally important that the constituents of Mount Vernon have answers to the questions below.

1.       As a member of the board of supervisors would you maintain a full time position with another employer?

o   If yes, who?

o   How would you manage having a full time job knowing the tremendous responsibility to diligently represent the citizens of Mount Vernon?

2.       Do you anticipate having to recuse yourself from any meetings or votes because of a conflict of interest?

o   If so, what is the scope of your conflict of interest?

3.       Have you ever had to recuse yourself from any vote pertaining to Fairfax County business?

o   If so, please explain.

My answers are as follows:

1.       No.  I learned from my friend Supervisor Jeff McKay that this job is more than a full time job.  Being the owner of my own company, I have wide latitude to set my schedule, allowing me to make Supervisor my full time job.  As citizens, we deserve someone that will fully commit themselves to bringing greater prosperity to the Mount Vernon District.

2.       No, but if any arose I certainly would.  It is my duty and obligation to you to do so.

3.       At no time in my service to Fairfax County as Supervisor Gerry Hyland’s appointee to the Human Services Council, or in my role as the Co-Chair of the Fairfax County Successful Child and Youth Policy Team have I had to recuse myself.

I challenge my opponents in the race for the Democratic Party Nomination for the Mount Vernon Supervisor position to be transparent about how they would answer these questions to the constituents of Mount Vernon.


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