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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 14.

*4 Ex-Employees of Blackwater Get Long Terms in Iraq Killings

*Republicans’ and Netanyahu’s wildly inconsistent opposition to an Iran deal

*Marco Rubio Is a Polished Performer, but He’s Out of Position (“At a certain point, one wonders whether he is like the first-round draft pick who doesn’t make the All-Star team after four years.”)

*Marco Rubio Is the Most Disingenuous Republican Running for President (“He’s not a reformer. He’s a fraud.”)

*Nate Silver to Vox: Stop stealing our charts! (I already wasn’t a big fan of Vox. Hmmmm….)

*McAuliffe, Warner, mark 10,000 DNA “hit” at state forensics lab

*In Richmond McAuliffe, Warner tout Clinton’s bid

*Editorial: General Assembly gives its final answers (“Chief among them: ethics legislation. The governor made a number of commendable changes to the General Assembly’s latest effort.”)

*Virginia GOP excited about Florida Sen. Marco Rubio running for president (He’s a climate science denier, end of story – disqualified.)

*Marco Rubio Used to Believe in Climate Science. Now He’s Running for President. (As I said, climate science denial or “skepticism” should be an automatic disqualifier for president, for two reasons: 1) it shows a fatal flaw in the candidate’s “thinking;” 2) climate change is by far the biggest threat to America in coming years, and we require a president who understands that and will act aggressively.)

*Virginia revenues higher than projected

*Sweet Briar faculty members back call for injunction to halt college’s closing

*Wittman, Brat hold town hall meeting at defense contractor’s Spotsylvania headquarters

*Editorial: Lowly oyster says a lot about health of Chesapeake Bay

*Newport News civil rights activist pulled over, claims retaliation

*Plenty wrong with tuition hikes

*Fairfax Sheriff defends actions in apparent fatal Tasing (Seems indefensible to me…)

*Tax hike draws first opposition on Portsmouth council

*Metro’s new rail cars are ready for riders on Tuesday

*Norfolk changing construction oversight after ordeal with builder

*A move to Virginia might be best for both Daniel Snyder and the city (As long as we don’t give him a single penny in taxpayer-funded corporate welfare!)

*April showers and not much sun today; mostly a wet week ahead