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Happy Earth Day, GOP!


The following is from DPVA. Also note that many Virginia Republicans are climate science deniers and/or shills for the dirty energy industry.

Climate change is a problem every day, but on Earth Day it's especially salient. According to a recent poll, there's strong support in Virginia for more action on the environment, not less. Yet, from the top of the 2016 presidential field to legislators in the General Assembly, Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to downplay this critical issue and block desperately needed action to protect our people and our environment.


From the 2016ers: 

In our own General Assembly, while Republicans demanded carve-outs to protect existing polluters, Democrats sought to ease our transition to cleaner energy, resisted efforts to obstruct the Clean Power Plan, and generally worked to create a safe, healthy environment — an absolute necessity if Virginia is to remain a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

These pragmatic and vital steps were foiled by Republican opposition.
  • Require Dirty Power Plants to Pay when They Pollute — Senate Democrats supported a plan to require dirty power plants to pay when they release carbon pollution into the atmosphere; the plan would have used that money to spur economic development [in Southwest Virginia] and combat flooding in at-risk coastal communities. This was killed in committee on a party-line vote. Most Republicans opposed even a non-binding study on what that plan might look like in action. 
  • Stronger Penalties for Polluters — The maximum penalty on polluters under a special order hasn’t been raised for decades, and inflation has made it a less and less effective tool for keeping our environment safe and clean. Democrats fought to lift the ceiling on penalties from $10,000 to $25,000. This died in a House committee.
  • Frivolous Litigation — Republican Senator Frank Wagner is so opposed to environmental protections, he even introduced a measure asking the General Assembly to hire a lawyer to sue the EPA over carbon pollution standards, circumventing Virginia's own Attorney General.

On this Earth Day, remember who is looking out for the future and who is sticking their heads in the sand. 

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