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National and Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 28. As for Gov. McAuliffe, he’s absolutely wrong that a wealthy, professional football franchise should be showered with taxpayer-funded corporate welfare to come here. Massive taxpayer ripoff.

*Vatican climate change summit to highlight moral duty for action

*Rioting rocks Baltimore: Curfew ordered, Guard deployed amid violence

*At Gray’s funeral, outrage over way in which he died (And rightfully so!)

*For the GOP, ‘one man, one vote’ becomes ‘one billionaire, one ballot’ (But the right-wing media would rather focus on donations to the Clintons’ charitable foundation, which does good work around the world, then the fact that the Republican Party is 100% bought and paid for by Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, etc. Nice.)

*Orioles Executive On Baltimore Unrest: It’s Inequality, Stupid (There are actually a number of root causes, all of which need to be addressed, but probably wont’t be due to Republicans’ hostility to government, the poor, etc.)

*The Powerful Scene On The Streets Of Baltimore Monday Night That No One Is Talking About (“Hundreds of Baltimore clergy linked arms and took to the streets in an effort to restore the peace.”)

*Fairfax County rescue group headed to Nepal to help in recovery efforts

*Jim Webb tests Iowa waters, weighs run as Hillary ‘alternative’

*Hillary Clinton vows to rebuild state parties after Obama-era wipeout (“The Democratic front-runner tells early state activists she’ll work to reverse the party’s sweeping local losses.” She can start right here in Virginia this year, as our entire General Assembly is up for election!)

*Our view: Killed, with not a trace of evidence (“Just in case you’re interested – and we hope you are – that would be approximately 76 percent of the bills and resolutions in the House of Delegates.”)

*No basis for Virginia Supreme Court to withhold records, state council says

*Take care of quality of life in Chesapeake (“Tonight, the Chesapeake City Council faces a generational decision: Whether to encourage developers to build long-delayed housing projects by reducing what they agreed to pay for infrastructure.”)

*Silver Line $200 million over budget; next phase may not open until 2020

*Manassas proposed zoning changes called threat to city’s abortion clinic (So much for Mayor Hal Parrish being a “moderate” Republican!)

*Video: Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe “aggressively” trying to move Redskins out of D.C. (Forget the name, this is really, really dumb for other reasons, like shoveling taxpayers’ money at billion-dollar corporations and getting very little in return.)

*Sweet Briar says faculty lawsuit is attempt by professors to get a ‘financial windfall’

*In Fairfax case, death by ‘excited delirium’ (More like “death by Taser”)

*Capitals endure, triumph in Game 7 over Islanders on Kuznetsov’s goal

*It’s gradually getting warmer. Mostly sunny today with highs in the 60s.

  • “As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments on the question of marriage equality, I’m hopeful it will decide the issue consistent with rulings in four federal appeals courts across the country – rulings that have allowed same-sex couples in 37 states and the District of Columbia to marry and receive equal protections under the law. I am proud to note this includes the Fourth Circuit’s decision in Bostic v. Schaefer, which ruled last July to strike down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. Momentum for LGBT rights has only increased since the Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013, and public support for LGBT rights continues to grow. I look forward to reviewing the arguments and eagerly anticipate the Court’s decision.”

  • Is this Orwellian or what?  EW Jackson and his FRC hate-group friends claim they are standing for, praying for marriage, all while OPPOSING the right of Americans to marry!  Amazing, huh? Also, is there ANY evidence at all that letting LGBT Americans marry has harmed (or will harm), in any way/shape/form, heterosexual marriage? Nope, didn’t think so.

  • “Today’s arguments are profoundly important to our progress as a nation, and in a very personal way, to thousands of Virginia families. Since the Supreme Court allowed marriages to proceed in Virginia, 1,481 couples have married, thousands more have had their out-of-state marriages recognized, 17 children have been adopted, and 16 children have had their second parent added to their birth certificate, providing new security and peace of mind. Our Virginia plaintiffs, their advocates, allies, and legal teams have much to celebrate.

    “I am proud we put Virginia on the right side of history on this issue. There were times in our past when the Commonwealth’s elected leaders used the Supreme Court as a venue to argue against equality, but in the end, brave Virginians always showed us the way forward and we’ve come to more fully appreciate and recognize the principle of equality enshrined in our Constitution.

    “The clarity of the argument made today for equality gives me such confidence that our progress will continue, and family by family, Virginia and the nation will more broadly celebrate the simple values of love and commitment.”