People Across Virginia Support Regulating CO2 As a Pollutant


    Very cool new tool by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. Have you ever wanted to know what people in your county or city thought about climate change? Now you can find out. For instance, here are a few Virginia counties/cities and the estimated percent of people living there who support regulating CO2 as a pollutant.

    Richmond City: 80%

    Arlington: 79%

    Bath: 78%

    Rockingham: 77%

    Henrico: 76%

    Suffolk City: 76%

    Loudoun: 75%

    Wythe: 75%

    Prince William: 75%

    Albermarle: 75%

    Fairfax: 74%

    Wise: 74%

    Virginia Beach: 72%

    Also worth noting: 79% of Virginians support funding research into renewable energy sources; 66% of Virginians support etting strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants; 61% of Virginians support requiring utilities to produce 20% electricity from renewable sources; etc. In other words, Virginians strongly the goals of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, with solid support even in “coal country.” So why do Virginia politicians keep caving to fossil fuel interests intead of doing what the strong majority of Virginians all over the state want? Simple answer: fossil fuel interests have a lot more money than you and I do, and they use it to buy our fine, upstanding politicians. Great, huh?


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