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Sen. Tim Kaine: “I am proud that we have finally confirmed Loretta Lynch”


From Sen. Tim Kaine’s office; congratulations and good luck to new U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch! As for the absurd delays in confirming this highly qualified nominee by the right-wing Republican-controlled U.S. Senate, the only remedy is clear: Democrats need to take back the Senate in 2016!

In confirming Loretta Lynch as our next Attorney General, the Senate has chosen a distinguished legal mind and experienced public servant to lead the Department of Justice. Throughout her career, Lynch has developed a reputation for her integrity and trusted leadership, which will serve the nation well as she addresses recent tensions between law enforcement and communities across the country. While it is unacceptable that is has taken the Senate 166 days to act on such a well-qualified and highly-regarded nominee, I am proud that we have finally confirmed Loretta Lynch, and I am confident that she will work hard to ensure justice for all Americans.

  • From Brat’s Facebook page…crazy as usual!

    Although this vote will take place in the Senate — House members play no role in the confirmation process — I am opposed to confirming Ms. Lynch as our nation’s top law officer:

    “A vote against Ms. Lynch’s confirmation is not an assessment that she has performed incompetently or unethically in her prior government positions. It is a vote against the president’s blatantly unconstitutional policy and against Ms. Lynch’s support of that policy. Senators are bound by oath to uphold the Constitution; Ms. Lynch’s prior, laudable record as a federal prosecutor cannot overcome her commitment to violating the Constitution.”

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I never thought I would miss Eric Cantor. I was wrong.

  • True Blue

    Senate Dems should have confirmed before newly elected Congress was installed.