Utter Fail by the Corporate Media in Covering Rand Paul Announcement


    Definitely read Media Matters on this topic. Also note that the Washington Post has been particularly egregious, with its propaganda-masqueraring-as-“news” including Dan Balz waxing rhapsodic about “the most interesting politician in the country, with a libertarian message that seemed to sweep across the ideological spectrum and that challenged the establishment of both parties;” and this prominent/front-page article which refers to Paul as a “maverick” and “a fiercely independent conservative,” while uncritically stenograph-ying that Paul “emphasized a message of inclusion and diversity in step with his strategic aim to expand the traditional GOP base.” Seriously? How much is Rand Paul paying the post for this hagiography and outright lying about his extreme, conspiracy-theory-laden, hard-right-wing record on pretty much every issue?