Video: Krystal Ball Takes on the Stafford County Anti-Transgender Freakout


    What Krystal Ball said!

    So what is this sexual predator abomination threatening all our children? You ready for this? The question of which bathroom one elementary school child should use at Hartwood Elementary…Stafford County ruled that based on the anti-discrimination requirements of Title IX, a transgender student should be allowed to use the bathroom of the sex they identify with.

    And that was the cause of all these supposed grownups having a panic attack and forming a coalition dramatically called “Save Our Schools”…all to keep one little girl who happened to be born with boy parts…from using the girl’s bathroom.

    Wow, how sad for these people to be filled with such fear and such hate over a child who happens to be a little different. How disturbing for these adults, many of whom hold themselves out as Christians, to gang up on a little kid…Unfortunately, Stafford County decided to trade understanding for fear; they voted unanimously to discriminate against and ostracize this child…

    By the way, one of the supposed adults ganging up on this child is now running for House of Delegates. Her name is Susan Stimpson, and nobody should vote for her – ever, for any public office – based on her disgraceful display of bigotry and demagoguery in this case.

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