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Virginia and National News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, April 21.

*Confirm Lynch now (“Politics have kept the nominee in limbo.”)

*Editorial: Earth Day serves as reminder of the goals we must pursue together

*New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News strike deals for anti-Clinton research (Yep, that’s your so-called “liberal media” at work!)

*Inside the right’s new “Clinton Cash” obsession: The sketchy new Hillary “exposé” that hooked the New York Times (“The right’s propaganda machine duped the media on the Clintons once before. Now they could be doing it again”)

*Rising Death Toll Leaves Europe With New Refugee Crisis

*Egyptian Court Sentences Morsi to 20 Years in Prison

*Candidates kicking in to their own campaigns in key Senate races (“Candidates are kicking in to their own campaigns to build early fundraising stakes in key contests for control of the state Senate.”)

*Ex-Virginia first lady McDonnell tries to get corruption convictions tossed

*Bob McDonnell’s wife: Corruption trial was unfair

*ABC shakes up leadership of enforcement division

*Our view: Our sleep-walking senator (“Is John Edwards awake?Judging from the latest campaign finance reports, it doesn’t appear so.”

*Problems with Virginia’s voting systems undermine confidence in our election results

*Beware Stalling Growth in Northern Virginia

*Lawmakers want assistant Norfolk prosecutor as judge

*Fairfax posts record low crime rate in 2014 (“Arlington and Alexandria are also at historic lows, and Prince George’s recorded a 9 percent decrease.” It continually amazes me that people erroneously think crime is high, when in fact the crime rate is the lowest in many decades.)

*McAuliffe on Redskins stadium in Virginia: ‘It’s where they belong’ (Nope, McAuliffe is wildly wrong. First off, we shouldn’t give Dan Snyder and Compan a dime of taxpayer-funded corporate welfare. Second, the team actually “belongs” in Washington, DC, at the RFK site, right at a Metro stop, not in exurban Virginia.)

*Casey: The Roanoke Tea Party tries again for control of county board

*Prince William GOP candidates prep for firehouse primary

*Do Fairfax Democrats Have A Mount Vernon Problem? (Fortunately, Republicans appear to have picked a teahadist nut as their candidate, which should help the “blue team.” Let’s hope they do the same in Sully as well!)

*2 Montgomery County supervisors won’t seek re-election

*Suspect due in court in fellow UMW student’s slaying as loved ones, friends prepare to attend her funeral (So awful.)

*Mostly sunny and breezy today;

rain and cooler weather ahead


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