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Ken Cuccinelli Joins the Crazy Crowd on Iran, Says Any Deal is Like Appeasement to Hitler


Yeah, I know, it’s not a big surprise that 2013 Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee (and, as much as I still can’t believe it actually happened, Attorney General of Virginia) Ken Cuccinelli’s nuts: about climate change, homosexuality (and sexuality in general), government, guns, etc, etc. Now it turns out he’s nuts about foreign policy as well.  Did I miss anything? In reality, of course, without a deal, Iran could simply continue pursuing a nuclear weapons program, as it apparently has for many years (e.g., under the Bush administration, which completely failed to stop it; then under the Obama administration, which has a chance of stopping it via negotiations). The only alternative? War, which would be a bloody mess, and which almost certainly wouldn’t stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions for more than a few years. So what are the alternatives being offered by Teapublicans like Ken Cuccinelli?  No idea, except that they love to bash Barack Obama for whatever reason(s).

  • Sjberke

    …he could at least spell Neville Chamberlain’s name correctly.

  • Bwana

    I often wondered-and once blogged-on the subject of Neville Chamberlain, and I have to wonder if he is not the most important diplomatic figure of the 20th century.  His blunder at Munich has been the backstop for any number of western leaders.

    Diplomatically, the longterm impact of his trip to Munich, and the long term use of his failure to stop Hitler to justify military intervention, has to rank right up there with the Marshall Plan (in support of Foreign Aid) and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (Undeclared War)…in fact, I guess we have sometimes seen the two-fer combining Chamberlain and Tonkin.

  • blue bronc

    It is not like Obama has offered up the Netherlands as a token to Iran not to build the bomb.  What is happening with this UN deal is not talked about enough.  It is that the reach of the country’s policies are slowly moving away from the ultra-religious leaders to the secular leaders.  This after the mucking up of the country in the 1950-1980 by the US.