An Anti-Vaxxer as our County Supervisor?


    This is 2015.  This is Fairfax County, Virginia — with one of the most informed and enlightened electorates out there.   And yet we may actually elect as our County Supervisor the man who — as documented by Blue Virginia — co-founded a local Anti-Vaxxer group and has advanced the dangerous thinking of national anti-vaccination organizations.  

    I commend Lowell for doing his homework in exposing what Dan Storck is all about in advancing anti-vaccination falsehoods.   I also admire Lowell for giving Mr. Storck a forum to respond to these revelations.  But Mr. Storck’s response — such as asserting in his defense that he vaccinates his own kids – simply underscores how out of touch he is with what it means to be a public servant.   Of course he vaccinates his own kids – any normal, informed person would.   But to do that, and at the same time propagate falsehoods about vaccines that raise doubt in the mind of other less-informed parents, is the ultimate in hypocrisy.  When a public figure promotes falsehoods that can lead to disease and worse, it is not his own family that suffers, it’s someone else’s.

    After Mr. Storck got caught, he scrubbed some of the inflammatory material from his website.  But only after it became clear that the agenda he has been advancing all along might actually prevent him from getting the job he wants us to give him.

    The readers of this blog are among the only people who know the truth about Mr. Storck’s anti-vaxxer ties.  If the rest of the county wakes up after the election and realizes what has happened, they’re going to wish they followed  as well. If you have time, send your friends the above  link to Lowell’s well-researched piece. And ask them to send it to their friends. They’ll be glad they did.

    Look at Lowell’s headline this morning about Ken Cuccinelli.  Think about how it might apply in our neighborhood…


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