Can You Imagine if This Nut Had Been Elected Governor of Virginia?


    In our last installment of Ken Cuccinelli’s crazy Facebook page and the bigoted extremists who comment on said page, we featured a status update in which the top-rated comment (by far) said that “illegal immigrant families…deserve a bullet.” Today, there’s another good one, with Cooch ranting and raving (does he ever do anything else?) about same-sex “marriage” (air quotes are his). According to Cooch: “The future is now in Canada thanks to their 2005 adoption of same-sex ‘marriage.’ Ten years later, the tyranny against Christians is well under way. What is this “tyranny” of which he speaks? In short, a strongly anti-LGBT, fundamentalist Christian law school was rejected for certification by British Columbia’s Minister of Advanced Education. Whether or not you think that’s right or wrong, it’s a wee bit of overstatement to claim that it’s evidence of “tyranny”/wholesale “persecution” of Christians in Canada, as Cooch breathlessly claims. It’s also certainly not evidence of what the top-rated comment on Cooch’s Facebook post claims it to be: evidence of the “last days” in which “you will not [be] allowed to buy or sell unless you accept the mark of the beast.” But yeah, just another day in the bizarre, warped, paranoid, constantly-under-siege-from-gays-and-liberals-etc. world of Ken Cuccinelli’s. Again, can you imagine if the nut had been elected Governor of Virginia?!? In the end, he lost, but it was horrifyingly too close for comfort…


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