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Audio: Crazy Dave Brat Says DREAMERS in US Military Will Lead to “decline of Western Civilization”


From Right Wing Watch, which listens to extremist rantings/ravings like these so we don’t have to:

Rep. Dave Brat, the Virginia Republican who unseated Rep. Eric Cantor last year thanks in large part to his uncompromising anti-immigrant politics, told talk radio host John Fredericks yesterday that a proposal to allow DREAM Act-eligible immigrants to enlist in the military represents the “decline of Western Civilization...I think everybody knows their old Roman history, part of the reason Rome fell was because they started hiring the barbarians in, otherwise known as the Germans at the time, to be troops in their own army, and that led to their eventual downfall.”

Brat also had a response to proponents of the measure who pointed out that being willing to serve in the U.S. military shows a certain level of patriotism: “I wanted to stand up and shout, I mean ISIS is willing to serve in our military as well.”

Yep, Brat is completely bonkers (not to mention racist), yet he was elected to Congress and undoubtedly will be reelected next year. Great job, 7th CD Republican voters!

Oh, and “Later in the conversation, Brat compared allowing undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children to serve in the military to requiring President Obama to hire Republicans to serve in the White House, a nonsensical comparison for a number of reasons, including that President Obama is in charge of both the military and the White House.” Ee gads.


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