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National and Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, May 30.

*Krugman: Cutting Back on Carbon (“Next week the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce new rules designed to limit global warming. Although we don’t know the details yet, anti-environmental groups are already predicting vast costs and economic doom. Don’t believe them. Everything we know suggests that we can achieve large reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at little cost to the economy.”)

*Putin’s bizarre FIFA comments reveal his greatest fear (“To Putin, the FIFA prosecution is a new instance of the US aggression he fears”)

*Hastert accused of paying victim of molestation (“The former House speaker allegedly paid a male ex-student to keep quiet about acts that took place decades ago, a federal law enforcement official said.”)

*Creepy C-SPAN Caller To Hastert: Do You ‘Remember Me From Yorkville?’

*BuzzFeed: ‘Potentially Several Alleged Victims’ In Hastert’s Past (There are numerous disturbing aspects to this story, including the fact that Hastert received zero ratings on LGBT issues during his career and led a rabidly homophobic/gay-bashing party. Utter hypocrisy, on top of being evil.)

*Hastert and the Foley Scandal (“Hastert, through the entire drama, was awkward and slow to react or be clear or particularly convincing about what was known.”)

*Why did Republicans embrace the Duggars in the first place? (Ken Cuccinelli for instance. Because that’s who they are, frighteningly.)

*O’Malley to launch improbable bid for Democratic presidential nomination (Yep, highly improbable.)

*Walker: Media Twisted My Words, But I Still Think Ultrasounds Are ‘Pretty Cool’ (Another right-wing nutjob taken seriously by the corporate media.)

*Two Arlington Memorial Bridge Lanes Closed for Emergency Work (We need to invest heavily in our country’s infrastructure, and now is a perfect time given super-low interest rates!)

*Lighten Up: Garrett, Kaine crack jokes at fundraising event

*Medicaid yanks funding from geriatric unit at Eastern State Hospital

*Virginia owes its neighbor answers (“Kentucky is now rightly outraged that Virginia didn’t bother to inform the Bluegrass State about the millions of gallons of Virginia sewage spilling into the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River”)

*Virginia Beach’s family-owned Belvedere closing this summer

*Another early exit for Strasburg as Nationals fall to Reds, 5-2 (Time for a trip to the disabled list…or even AAA for Strasburg?)

*D.C. area forecast: Sunny and very warm today; storms likely Sunday


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