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On June 9, Time to Vote Worst “Democrat” in the Virginia General Assembly Out of Office


Del. Johnny Joannou is arguably the worst “Democrat” in the Virginia General Assembly, horrendous on just about everything, might as well be a Tea Party Republican. For more, see this website, and if you live in the 79th House of Delegates district (Portsmouth, Norfolk), make sure you vote for a real Democrat, Steve Heretick, on June 9!

  • Check out this anti-gay bigot.

    Del. Joe Preston (D-Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie), issued responses to a questionnaire from the Virginia Christian Alliance, a socially conservative Christian organization that espouses public policy in line with Biblical worldviews…

    Preston stood firm on his opposition to allowing transgender schoolchildren from using a bathroom opposite from their birth sex.

    “I’m against people of different genders sharing bathrooms,” he said. “I actually think that gay people should have their own restrooms.”

    Preston elaborated, noting that a straight person might feel uncomfortable using the restroom if they knew the person next to them was gay or lesbian, just as he would feel uncomfortable if he walked into a men’s room and saw a female in there. For Preston, the issue is about what makes people comfortable.

    “I really think [gay people] ought to have their own restrooms,” Preston added. “I can’t speak for them, because I’m not part of that community. But I would think they would feel more comfortable.”

    When re-asked the question as it pertains to transgender schoolchildren, Preston still opposed mixing genders, regardless of whether a person identifies as a gender different from their birth sex.

    “At some point, their genitalia have to dictate who they are,” he said.

    P.S. Also see Del. Joseph Preston Answers “Virginia Christian Alliance” Questionnaire, Hilarity Ensues.