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VA Sen-10: Emily Francis Campaign Mailer Hits Dan Gecker, Alex McMurtrie


Interesting move by the Emily Francis for State Senate campaign, going after both Dan “political hero is Ronald Reagan” Gecker and Alex McMurtrie in the following paid mailer (click to “embiggen”) she just sent out. The question is, in a three-way Democratic primary, how the dynamics will play out? Personally, I’m assuming that the other two candidates – Gecker and McMurtrie – will end up going after each other hard by the end of this campaign, especially given that they have gobs of money (which Francis certainly does not).  If so, then a possible path to victory for the Francis campaign would be along the lines of what happened in the 2009 gubernatorial primary, where the well-funded McAuliffe and Moran campaigns pounded the crap out of each other, while the underfunded Deeds stayed “positive,” and took advantage in the closing weeks. Anyway, we’ll see how this one plays out…stay tuned!

P.S. On another note related to this campaign, HUGE media #FAIL with their utter lack of coverage of the 10th Senate district debate held earlier this week. Simply appalling on the part of the media, which is completely failing in its most basic job in this case.

  • I’ve said this for a long time, that McAuliffe and Company are making a huge mistake backing Dan Gecker for this race. Yes, I get that they THINK he can win this seat and help take back the State Senate, but I also believe that they’re dead wrong on that. That’s not even getting into the policy reasons not to support Gecker. Ugh.

    Dan Gecker Endorsed by Governor Terry McAuliffe

    Governor tops growing list of community leaders and supporters for Gecker

    Richmond, Virginia-Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today he is endorsing Dan Gecker, for the Virginia Senate.  Mr. Gecker is running for the nomination for the Democratic Party 10th district which encompasses parts of the City of Richmond, Chesterfield County and all of Powhatan County.

    In a statement released today Governor McAuliffe said, “Dan Gecker is the progressive leader we need in the Virginia Senate. As a Chesterfield County Supervisor, he’s stood up for our kids and our schools, he’s recruited new businesses to the area and he’s been an environmental leader. I look forward to working with Dan in the State Senate to expand opportunities for all Virginians”

    Dan has worked for over 20 years to expand opportunities and improve the quality of life in Chesterfield County and in the Richmond region. He currently serves on the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors, elected as the Midlothian District Supervisor in 2007 and re-elected in 2011.

    Mr. Gecker said, “I am deeply humbled by the support of Governor McAuliffe. His faith in my leadership and experience proves that I am ready to work hard for the people of the 10th district.”

    Gecker added, “For over two decades I have been a community leader and advocate for the Richmond region. In the Virginia Senate, I will continue to build on this record by working to expand opportunities for all Virginia families and businesses – ensuring all of our kids receive a quality education, expanding Medicaid and creating more local jobs. I’ll support policies that build a stronger Virginia, like equal pay for equal work, strong ethics reform, a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions and equality for all Virginians.”