Home Virginia Politics Friday News: “GOP’s denial won’t defeat trump;” “Clinton email ‘scandal’ that isn’t”

Friday News: “GOP’s denial won’t defeat trump;” “Clinton email ‘scandal’ that isn’t”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, August 28. Also check out President Obama’s speech in New Orleans marking the 10-year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

*Boat sinks off the coast of Libya, killing as many as 200; death toll up from abandoned truck in Austria (What a nightmare.)

*Key ruling gives workers more power to unionize (Nice!)

*Tech nerds are smart. But they can’t seem to get their heads around politics.

*Dow Jones Industrial Average Rallies After US Economic Growth Surges In Second Quarter (Demonstrating that this was possibly the stupidest stock market “correction” ever.)

*Trump and the Dangers of Passionate Politics (Excellent analysis by Mike Signer.)

*The GOP’s denial won’t defeat Trump

*The Hillary Clinton e-mail ‘scandal’ that isn’t (Wildly overblown by an irresponsible corporate media that despises the Clintons.)

*New poll showing Clinton beating everyone is reported as bad news for Hillary (Perfect example of how biased the corporate media is.)

*Breitbart Defends Homophobic, Race Bait-y Virginia Shooting Coverage (Breitbart is truly the dregs of the dregs…)

*Virginia Shooting Spotlights Riddle of Workplace Safety

*Eric Cantor endorsing Jeb Bush (Hahahaha.)

*Digging into big coal’s climate connections (“Now, the bankruptcy filings of Alpha Natural Resources, a large Virginia-based coal company, provide a rare window into the list of political and advocacy organizations the company has funded. E&E Legal (formerly known as the American Tradition Institute) is one of them. Other recipients include the Heartland Institute, which compared climate scientists to the Unabomber, the American Legislative Exchange Council and numerous others.”)

*Jindal Writes Letter To Obama Telling Him Not To Talk About Climate During Katrina Anniversary Visit (Jindal’s at 1% or less in polls, and rightly so…the guy epitomizes what he called the “stupid party.”)

*Jeb Bush is losing, and the GOP establishment has no one to blame but itself (“Elites are indicting Jeb Bush for Donald Trump’s success. But if they want culprits, they should look in a mirror”)

*McDonnell’s lawyers tell Supreme Court he was victim of ‘high-profile political prosecution’ (Actually, he was the “victim” of his own actions.)

*Virginia Democrats Push Gun Reforms After News Crew Is Killed (Del. Patrick Hope: “Yes, I’m taking advantage of a situation where it’s really raw for people right now, but people are frustrated and we’ve got to quit hiding behind this do-nothing attitude.”)

*As partisan fight simmers, optimist-in-chief McAuliffe brushes concerns away

*McAuliffe on guns, and the pro-gun outrage loop (The vast majority of Virginians are on Terry McAuliffe’s side on this one.)

*McAuliffe’s call for tighter gun controls upsets Republicans (Whatever.)

*McAuliffe promises more money for education in spending plan

*Swecker: Leaving us behind – The Republican problem with women in Virginia (“Everywhere you look in Virginia, Republicans are torpedoing their relationship with women. Let me assure you – it’s going to be an issue in November. From the backward policies discussed in the GOP debate to political temper tantrums here in Virginia, the GOP is burning any bridge it might have to women voters.”)

*Hamlar camp nixes fundraiser with attorney general in light of WDBJ tragedy

*WDBJ staffers pull together after attack on ‘our family’

*Politicians speak at vigil for WDBJ shooting victims

*Nationals hold off Padres, but win comes with more injuries (“Michael A. Taylor and Yunel Escobar leave the game with injuries and Denard Span returns to the disabled list to overshadow a sterling start from Joe Ross as Washington wins at home.”)

*D.C. area forecast: Warm but tolerable today, with bigger heat on the way

  • Utterly dishonest f’tard.

  • Quizzical

    The theme of Jindal’s Presidential campaign is that he wants to reduce the size and power of the federal government and repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that people are better off not becoming dependent on the federal government.

    Yet, after Katrina, Congress appropriated 120 billion dollars in disaster relief, and the National Flood Insurance Program paid out closed to 17 billion dollars in claims due to Katrina.  The Army Corps of Engineers redesigned and rebuilt the broken levees around New Orleans.  

    Further, the federal government fronted most of the cleanup funds and personnel after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and during much of that crisis Louisiana politicians were on TV every night criticizing the federal government for not doing enough.  The total cost of that oil spill was about 27 billion dollars, which ultimately BP had to pay thanks to the federal government.

    Most of New Orleans is below sea level and the papers are full of stories this week about how scientists are predicting a 3 foot sea level rise this century.

    I have to marvel at Jindal – the force of denial is strong with this one.

  • I mean, on the one hand I have very little respect for Chuck Todd as a political analyst. On the other hand, I agree with him on this one…