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Jeb Bush’s Failed Policies Have No Place In Hampton Roads


From DPVA:

A man trailing Donald Trump by 21 points will visit Hampton Roads today, reminding Virginia voters of his terrible record for veterans and middle class families. Jeb Bush, fresh off a rousing endorsement from the ashes of the Virginia GOP establishment, will try to convince Virginia veterans that his plan for voucherizing healthcare will go better than the last time he tried it. That's right: his big plan for veterans includes privatizing healthcare, a system that failed in Florida and was ultimately discontinued.
In addition to tanking Florida's veteran healthcare system, Bush's term as governor was marked by policies making it harder for military families and the middle class to get ahead. He cut taxes for the wealthy and opposed raising the minimum wage, presiding over a tremendous increase in income inequality.

“Hampton Roads is the last place Jeb Bush should bring his failed policies and outdated ideas. His plan to privatize veteran's healthcare services was so disastrous in Florida, the state stopped the program as soon as he left office,” said Morgan Finkelstein, press secretary for  the Democratic Party of Virginia. As governor, Bush presided over a dramatic rise in income inequality, oversaw massive tuition hikes, and even called a proposed minimum wage increase 'disastrous.' Jeb Bush has spent his career doing what would benefit himself and people like him, not Virginia veterans or middle-class families.”


“As Governor, Jeb Bush Catered Tax Cuts To The Wealthy.” [Headline, Tax Analysts, Martin Sullivan, Forbes, 4/21/15]

National Journal: “[Jeb] Bush Pushed Through Tax Cuts For Corporations And Wealthy Investors—A Group That Made Up, With Rare Exceptions, The Richest 5 Percent Of Floridians.” [National Journal, 4/30/15]

Bloomberg: Jeb Bush’s Largest Tax Cuts He Enacted Were To Florida’s Intangibles Tax, Which Were “Similar To His Brother’s Capital Gains And Dividend Tax Cuts,” Accounting For Almost $2 Billion Of His Total Tax Cuts. “The largest reductions Governor Bush got enacted were cuts in Florida’s tax on ‘intangibles,’ mostly stocks and bonds, that account for almost $2 billion of his tax-cut total and were similar to his brother’s capital gains and dividend tax cuts.” [Bloomberg, 7/28/15]

1998-2006: Average Income Of The Richest 5 Percent Of Florida Families Increased By 22.1 Percent, While The Average Income Of The Poorest Fifth Of Florida Families “Did Not Change Significantly.” [Florida Fact Sheet, “Pulling Apart: A State-By-State Analysis Of Income Trends,” Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 4/9/08] 

2004: Jeb Bush Proclaimed Florida’s Proposed Minimum Wage Increase Ballot Initiative “Disastrous.” On Saturday, the Governor, after months of being circumspect on the popular Amendment 5, which would increase Florida's minimum wage, proclaimed the amendment ‘disastrous’ for Florida's economy in a speech in Orlando.” [St. Petersburg Times, 10/26/04] 

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