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National and Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, August 10. Also, check out the video of “JEB” Bush kissing up to raving misogynist (and all-around nut) Erick Erickson.

*Paul Krugman: G.O.P. Candidates and Obama’s Failure to Fail (“…we’re doing far better than any of those guys in Cleveland will ever admit.”)

*Donald Trump Still in the Lead After Debates: New NBC News/Survey Monkey Poll (Amazing; really tells you waht you need to know about the Republican “base,” and none of it is good.)

*Trump struggles to turn 2016 fling into durable bid

*Man shot during Ferguson anniversary protests

*Why Donald Trump Isn’t Going Away (“He’s not a Republican phenomenon. He’s part of a troubling global movement toward populism and nationalism”)

*Maps: 10 Years After Katrina, NOLA’s Poor Neighborhoods Are Still Largely Abandoned

*New Democrats plan ‘assertive’ new presence in House (“The New Democrat Coalition sees opportunities this fall on taxes, trade, Medicare and others.”)

*A “No” to Iran Means No Forever (“Voting no deprives this president, or a future president, of bargaining power over the Iranians. It isolates us in the world. And it allows Iran to move further toward a nuclear weapon, presenting the United States and Israel with terrible choices.”)

*Ohio Governor Kasich: Do Nothing On Climate Change Because It’s An Unproven Theory (Science denial should be an automatic disqualifier for Kasich, or for anyone seeking public office in this country.)

*Carly Fiorina Promises To Cut Federal Jobs, Just Like She Did At HP

*Editorial: Uranium mining debate resurfaces again

*Standards of Learning scores don’t fill in all the blanks

*Editorial: King George would use zoning to combat fracking

*Missed opportunity against Rockies could cost Nats dearly down the road

*D.C. area forecast: Showers at times to start week, then sublime sunshine


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